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Stitter goes to Israel…

12:42 PM EST on November 6, 2023

The crisis in the Middle East has somehow gotten worse!

In what is either a blatant attempt to pander to his anti-Muslim Judeo-Christian political base and/or a clandestine mission to smuggle into the US ancient Biblical artifacts for Hobby Lobby, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt recently put on his fancy blue vest jacket and tagged along with Texas Governor Greg Abbott to Isreal.

For those keeping score at home, this was the Governor’s second trip to the Middle East in the last 12 months, occurring less than a year after he ventured to Qatar to catch the World Cup.

Check this out:

Listen, I know I’m not a politician who is gleefully content with being used as a prop by a foreign government that’s looking to drum up support with Evangelical conservatives in the United States, but why’d Stitt go on this trip?

Was he trying to score a deal with the Israeli government to get discounted Gateway mortgage loans for settlers in the West Bank? Did he want to see firsthand just how bad Israel treats Palestinians, and then apply some of those tactics with Oklahoma Tribal Nations?

Here’s what Stitt’s new incredibly boring PR team had to say about the visit:

Governor Kevin Stitt returned home today after a joint trip to Israel alongside Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Coordinated in part by the Israeli Consulate in Houston and the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the two governors held discussions with Israeli leadership, met with victims of Hamas' brutality, and witnessed first-hand the humanitarian cost of the Israel-Hamas War.

"Innocent Israelis have looked evil in the eyes and endured unthinkable hardships in the past few weeks, and I was inspired to see their resilience in the face of adversity," said Governor Stitt. "After witnessing the situation on the ground, I've never been more determined to stand with Israel and support their right to defend themself."

In Jerusalem, Governor Stitt met with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, President Herzog, and Foreign Minister Cohen to relay Oklahoma's steadfast support of the Jewish people and discuss future partnerships between Israel and Oklahoma as they rebuild in the future.

Yep, sleep easy tonight, Israel. A poor, windy, landlocked state located over 6,000 miles away in the middle of America has your back. Outside of us influencing your laws and politicians, you have nothing to worry about. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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