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Stitt bungles latest attempt to lower his income taxes…

It’s time to add another failure to Governor Kevin Stitt’s long and prestigious list of political failures. 

In case you missed it, Governor Stitt – a mega-millionaire with more money than he’ll ever know what to do with – called a special session of the legislature this week to cut taxes for high-income earners and set the stage for Oklahoma’s next budget crisis. 

His reasoning is that since Oklahoma has a lot of money in the bank thanks to stimulus funding, inflation, strong oil prices and other factors that are way beyond his control, we should go ahead and give that money back to rich people, as opposed to investing it in it’s infrastructure, services and other areas that could help move Oklahoma closer to his goal of being a Top 10 state. 

The State House – which is led by a future gubernatorial candidate – seemed eager to pander to anti-government conservatives with the Governor, but the Senate insisted on Stitt appearing before a committee to lay out his plan. They even sent an invite with an out-of-place “J.”

Stitt's new Communications Hack – Abi Cavelady – wasn't having it:

As I mentioned on Twitter, it is sad to see how stale and boring the Governor’s communications team has become since Carly Atchinson ventured off to pick online fights with crazed MAGA fools for Desantis. 

If the old She-Troll were still around, she would have picked an online fight with Senate staffers and unleashed an army of winged monkey mercenary bot accounts to attack them, all while twisting the goof as further proof that Senator Treat is colluding with Native American tribes to usurp the Oklahoma Government. 

On that note, Stitt also made sure to connect his movement to lower his taxes to one of his favorite fear-mongering topics – those pesky Indians and their desire for tribal sovereignty! 

Naturally, he did it in the most simple-minded race-baiting way possible.

I know my relatives didn’t buy their way onto Cherokee rolls despite documented protests by the tribe at the time, but you’d think the Governor would be very aware that tribal citizenship – just like it is for any sovereign government – isn’t determined by race. You can definitely be white (or black) and be a citizen of a tribe. 

Also, I’m not fully versed on McGirt’s tax implications. I believe it’s still twisting and turning its way through the courts, but I’m confident that whichever way judges rule, federal, state and tribal governments will still find a way to tax indigenous folks. 

Anyway, Stitt ended up not accepting the Senate’s invitation to appear before a committee and go over the nuts and bolts of his plan. 

Instead he sent over some printouts of PowerPoint presentations that showed Oklahoma has a lot of money to work with to invest in services. 

Since Stitt was a no-show, the Senate adjourned, effectively killing the special session just hours after it started

If you ask me, that’s kind of surprising. 

I know the Senate is allegedly the saner of our bicameral legislative bodies, but it’s also primarily comprised of wealthy anti-government Oklahoma conservatives who would also benefit from a tax cut and the goodwill from GOP voters that follows. 

Are the members of the Senate actually being wise stewards of Oklahoma tax dollars, and willing to invest in the Oklahoma government and its people???

I guess that’s a possibility, but more than likely, they’re playing the long game and would rather funnel that tax money to their pals, buddies, and other grifters throughout the state in the form of government contracts. 

As he usually does when he’s losing on an issue, it doesn’t look like Stitt is going to pack up his tax bags and go home.

He’s apparently brought out notorious power-hungry anti-tax hawk Grover Norquist to push his anti-tax messaging, and I’m sure has more zingers ready to toss the direction of Oklahoma’s Native American tribes. 

We’ll continue to follow Stitt’s movement to lower his taxes and keep you updated. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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