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OSU declares victory over South Alabama in “Posse Postgame” email blast…

2:12 PM EDT on September 18, 2023

The fails didn’t end on the football field for the Oklahoma State athletic department on Saturday night!

Earlier today, I hopped over to Josh Cockroft’s Twitter account to see if our newly appointed Secretary of State shared anything stupid or embarrassing that I could include in our recent article about him. 

Well, I guess he kind of did!

Check out this hysterical screenshot Josh shared of the Posse Postgame email newsletter that OSU sends out to its hardcore hunter orange-clad fans on Saturday night following their embarrassing loss to the South Alabama Whatevers. 

Yikes! They claimed OSU won in the subject line! What a blunder by the newsletter editor. That’s almost embarrassing as a coach intentionally playing three quarterbacks in a football game!

Seriously, I wonder how many incredibly drunk and hungover OSU fans – and Oklahoma elementary school teachers – the athletic department tricked for a second on Sunday morning. In fact, I bet the Posse Postgame's email open rate was at an all-time high following a loss. 

“Wait. OSU actually won! Wave the wheat!” 

In all fairness, you can’t blame the Posse Postgame newsletter editor for typing “OSU wins” in the email headline.

Even though Central Michigan and Troy have shown us it’s not uncommon for a Mike Gundy-coached team to be overmatched by a non-Power Five foe, you’d still have to assume one of their three below-average QBs could lead them to a victory over a school that I literally thought was called Alabama State until I started writing this post. 

At the very least, OSU usually has an above-average running back who can run over a tired and overmatched defense by the 4th quarter, but I guess that’s not even in the cards for this year’s future class of the Big 12. 

Although this was an embarrassing loss for the OSU program, and makes you question how much longer before Mike and Cale Gundy have their football podcast on The Blaze, all is not lost. 

OSU still has OU on the calendar, so their fans have at least one game to care about. Plus, embarrassing losses to Sun Belt schools aside, they’ll always have their 1946 National Championship.

Anyway, I guess we’ll either subscribe to the Posse Postgame or follow Josh Cockroft to get more hopefully accurate updates on the team. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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