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Reservation Dogs

TLO Rez Recaps: “Send It” (3.8)

It’s the third—and, sadly, final—season of Reservation Dogs, the critically lauded series by Sterlin Harjo that shows it’s truly a good day to be Indigenous!

In last week's Rita-centic episode, we learn she is up for a job promotion to the big city, but has reservations due to Bear and other familial factors. In the middle of her dilemma, her long-departed sister Cookie visits her from the beyond. Together, they work out their problems and, with her other sisters, find a special resolve.

With this final season, I recap each episode of the show for those who are (and are not) watching, giving the basics, and not spoiling anything too much for you.

Skoden? Stoodis!


Episode 8: “Send It”

The Plot: After Fixico has a heart attack at the elder breakfast, Willie Jack has a plan – find Fixico’s brother-cousin in a mental hospital and reunite them. After securing a school bus with Kenny Boy and accomplice Ansel, they develop a plan to break him out.

But they find out the patient is Maximus – the imbalanced man we meet in this season's second episode. After finding out he’s okay when on his meds, they take the bus back for Okern but, unexpectedly, it explodes into a roaring ball of fire. With everything comedically alright, Maximus and Fixico ultimately reunite.

The Review:  A rousing good time! With Willie Jack leading the pack to save an ailing Fixico, the Res Dogs and other small-time NDN gangs combine to formulate a plan that truly proves they are ride or die.

Together with Kenny Boy and Ansel, they unite and fight to get Maximus back to his original home, Indian land. They rescue him from a mental hospital—that’s voluntary, natch—and together, the familial power of the brother-cousins reunite to start the healing power of Indigenous blood that the whole series has been aiming for.

And while the mini road trip is entertaining, this episode – like most this season – is all about the unshackled bonds of friendship and family. With the Res Dogs, along with the youngbloods, old timers, and the assorted aunties, all moved to the forefront, being provided with a grand sendoff the only way Reservation Dogs can.

Two more episodes!

Best Line: “This is Indian land…I want a lawyer and my grandma.” – Bone Thug Dog

Funniest Moment: The Ocean’s Eleven bit with White Steve and Bone Thug Dog trying to infiltrate the mental hospital’s reception area.

Oklahoma Soundtrack Pick: Rolling Stones – “Angry”


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