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Lincoln Riley shares tall tale about alleged home break-ins…

2:17 PM EDT on September 14, 2023

Now that Jeff Lebby has apologized for bringing his pariah-in-law onto Owen Field following Saturday’s SMU win, OU fans can get back to doing what they love most – hating Lincoln Riley. 

Give Mule Shoe some credit – he sure does make that easy. 

During a recent interview with something called a Graham Bensinger, Lincoln made some sensational claims about his midnight exit from OU, claiming that riotous fans in seek of revenge tried to break into his house. 

Before we continue, I guess I should clarify that people breaking into the home of an OU football coach isn’t all that uncommon.

Back in 2013, two men were arrested for burglarizing Stoops’s mansion while his family was home sleeping. And who can forget in 1995 when Howard Schnellberger found Al Eschbach hiding in his liquor cabinet? Memories. Good ones.

That being said, claiming that disgruntled fans tried to break into your home after you kicked the football program in the nuts and then fled for California is a serious accusation! 

Obviously, he reported these crimes to the appropriate authorities so they could investigate… right?

The OU homer media had the same questions, so they did their own investigation… 

Yep, despite claiming someone tried to break into his house, there wasn’t a police report filed or potential burglary reported. The only thing the police had was that someone was driving by the home in a black Escalade, which was probably just some guy trying to get back his smokers:

The most irritating part of the interview was how Lincoln implied the people who were allegedly trying to break into his house were OU fans. If you ask me, the more likely scenarios are...

1. Some well-to-do criminals in the area knew Lincoln Riley was out house hunting in California and figured his home could be an easy score.

2. Some BBQ superhero was trying to rescue any surviving slabs of briskets from his deep freezer.

3. Lincoln Riley is lying about the whole thing – and vilifying the OU fan base in the process – in yet another calculated attempt to make him look like a sympathetic victim, and overshadow his weaselly flee to California.

Since we know Lincoln Riley is a two-faced passive-aggressive liar who’s been put through the wringer by angry and betrayed OU fans ever since he left for USC, I’m going to vote for Option 3. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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