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Ryan Walters meets person even nuttier than Ryan Walters…

11:29 AM EDT on September 13, 2023

One cool thing about being Ryan Walters is that wherever you go, there’s a good chance you’re going to be the craziest, most reviled person in the room. 

Well, unless he’s hanging out with former Arizona senate candidate Kari Lake.

In a video that will light a fire into the heart of any deranged evangelical insurrectionist who lives in a warped alternate reality where election fraud only seems to impact Republicans who lose elections, Walters ran into Lake at a (I think) recent right-wing numbnuts rally in Tulsa led by Jackson “I once married a teenager” Lahmeyer and his band of Tulsa zanies. 

In what felt like a real-life SNL spoof, they pair locked crazy eyes and talked about their effort to protect “education freedom” in Oklahoma: 

First of all, was anyone else disappointed by that? We have two of the most insane right-wing lunatics in politics filming a crossover video, and we don’t get one mention of Joe Biden, porn in schools or drag queens??? What a failure!

Also, can Ryan hire an image coach to do something about his weird creepy smile? He looked like he was auditioning to be an actor in the old Black Hole Sun music video:

RIP Chris Cornell. You were one of the greats. But seriously, check out Ryan’s gaze:

I don’t know about you, but I think someone has a crush. You could feel the passion burning inside Ryan like a bonfire of banned library books! If I was his wife, I’d be pretty jealous, and consider conducting a revenge interview with Matt Geatz to get even.

Although Ryan kind of bombed in his moment to go right-wing 11 with Ms. Lake, he did a bang-up job staying on crazy brand during his speech at the gathering. For example, check out this snippet where he talked about Joe Biden wanting to destroy America, schools and its Christian faith:

In all seriousness, can a black hole sun please emerge in Tulsa and wash away all this nut job rain?

Anyway, with Presidential campaign season about to kick into high gear – and Ryan being an attention-starved narcissist who loves to be seen and rub shoulders with people even nuttier than him – I expect him to conduct many more crossover videos with fellow conservative crazies. Let's hope next time he doesn’t drop the ball. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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