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Exclusive Encore: Court Papers Spill the Tea on Blaine Dyer’s Gun Cache

3:53 PM EDT on September 13, 2023

Late last week, we were the first and apparently only media outlet to report that Blaine Dyer – the shady lawyer of Continental Resources land-grab conspiracy scheme fame – had his home and office raided by FBI agents based on an informant tip that Blaine was still in possession of his firearms. 

Remember that?

Thanks to the Ogle Mole Network, we recently got our hands on the federal search warrant and other court documents related to the raid, and, well, it looks like the FED’s informant was onto something! 

Here’s that tip...

Here’s a log of every single one of the firearms FBI agents discovered during the raid…

Wow! That’s actually a pretty nice gun collection! I bet if Blaine hits up Harold Hamm, the old wildcatter would give him a great deal for all of them. You know, since it’s illegal for Blaine to own guns and everything.

In our original report, we also told you that Blaine’s hot golfer wife – Ashley Tucker-Dyer – was suspected of making a straw gun purchase for Blaine. The affidavit contained more info about that, too...

Yikes! I think we can all respect a woman who stands by her man – especially when his questionable business ethics have afforded her an incredibly lavish and comfortable lifestyle – but that doesn’t mean you have to go to jail for him! I’d suggest Blaine sell either the Range Rover, Bentley, Escalade, or Ferrari so she can hire a good attorney...

For what it’s worth, Blaine has a pretty good excuse for owning the firearms. Even though he pled guilty to conspiracy wire fraud charges, he claims he didn’t know he was a felon because he still had not been sentenced. His crack legal team even backed him up on it!

From the FED's Motion to Amend Conditions of Release: 

Yep, Blaine – a genius attorney – along with all the genius attorneys he hired, thought it was okay for a guy who pled guilty to a felony to own a gun. 

Unfortunately for Blaine and his lawyers, the Feds keep receipts. 

The judge in the case – Amanda Maxfield Green of Tiger King fame – made double sure that Blaine knew he couldn’t own guns once he pled guilty: 

Now that Blaine has broken the terms of his plea deal before even being sentenced, prosecutors are trying to add additional provisions to his release while he awaits sentencing.

They want Blaine to be supervised by the probation office, turn over all his guns, refrain from drinking booze, and even submit to a psychiatric examination:

Honestly, we can probably skip the whole psychiatric examination, because anyone who thinks they can steal from Harold Hamm and get away with it – and also hold onto their guns after pleading guilty to a federal crime – has to be a bit crazy. 

Anyway, it will be interesting to see what happens with this saga. Will Blaine get a harsher sentence? What will happen to his guns? And will anyone accept his checks?

You can view all the federal documents here. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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