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TLO Restaurant Review: El Potosino

11:35 AM EDT on August 1, 2023

A few weeks ago, I was on the trail of a menudo joint on S. Central, supposedly the best place in Oklahoma for soupy offal. But, as it turned out, it’s apparently now an out-of-business restaurant, meaning I’m out of a bowl of briny pig guts. RIP Taco Vaca, I never knew thee!

Somewhat saddened by this news, I hopped a mile over to SW 25th in Capital Hill and stopped by El Potosino, 2500 S Robinson Ave.

The place has been recommended by close partners and distant acquaintances for many years now, but I've never had a chance to check it out. With my Mexican radar on full blast and my girlfriend in tow, we finally gave it shot, and I'm glad we did.

Although it seems like a hole-in-the-wall to the outside world, the inside is quite luxurious, with a crowd full of Latino regulars and gringos who work at the capital, all in search of a good meal.

Looking over the menu, I noticed plate after plate of traditional comida dining with the Mex-appeal that is so prevalent in south OKC.

While mi novia continued to read the menu, it gave me the time to order my absolute favorite beverage, the Horchata—if you haven’t tried it yet, you should give yourself a treat!

With the complementary chips and salsa on our side, my girlfriend decided on the Enchiladas Mexicana ($10.00).

Totally unlike the manufactured rolled enchiladas you get at On The Border, they take five small “expanded” corn tortillas and top them with potatoes, chorizo, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and cheese, all ready to masticate.  

Looking more like a blown-out taco than a traditional enchilada, the massive appeal was mind-blowing. The homey taste of the spicy chorizo paired perfectly with the load-bearing potatoes, giving me a whole new way to imbibe enchiladas. Yum!

On my plate, I went with something I have never tried before – the Guisado de Puerco con Nopales ($12.00), or stewed pork and cactus. Containing one of my favorite ingredients in the nopales, and with rice and refried beans acting as a breather between courses, it truly was a non-picturesque feast to behold!

The specialized refried beans and rice were already good, but the guisado…that was epic! The pork was exceeding tender, the flavorful sauce was exciting, and best of all, the cactus was absolutely transcendent. With my fork nearing the point of no return, I scooped up a great big bite, one after another, until the whole thing was long gone.

Even though my self-imposed menudo-quest is now a plump memory—well, until I return—thank God for El Potosino, a place I always wondered about and, finally, a place I can fully recommend to you.

Cómpralo ya!


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