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Film Icons: An Entertaining Afternoon at OKC’s New Icon Cinema

1:36 PM EDT on July 31, 2023

With both Barbie and Oppenheimer taking control of the pop culture zeitgeist and box office, it's good to be a fan of the movies again.

Well, at least that's the groupthink social media spin on things.

To me, both films looked stupid, boring, or a combination of both, so I went to the new Icon Cinema at 4623 NW 23rd to, primarily, check out the movie theatre instead.

Far from the drab post-Covid theaters I have been accustomed to, it gives a bright, friendly sheen to movies and how they are presented.

Originally known as the B&B Cinemas, Icon was buzzing with popped corn, fizzy sodas, and many people taking self-glorifying selfies with various cardboard cut-outs.

I was partial to the self-serving popcorn and all-you-can-drink sodas, although the ticketing system leaves much to be desired. Still, it is very comparable to Tinseltown or Harkins in pricing.

With my Diet Coke in a reusable plastic cup ready to go, we made it to the entrance of the theater proper. The ticket taker—a minimum-wage jockey—made a dismissive wave of this hand towards our door at the end of the hall.

I have to admit, it irked me a tad. I worked in the movie theater business for close to ten years in a prior life, and although it can be a mundane job, that behavior wouldn’t be tolerated by Captain Louis. Service without a smile, I guess.

Through the claustrophobic walls and closed rooms gave me chilling vibes all around, the light blue and grey metal paint job was mutually calming. Through the hallway, on the back row in the handicapped seats, after a few commercials—and even less trailers—we were treated to a clear picture, with great sound quality.

But for the movie…ugh. I won't say whether it was Barbie or Oppenheimer, as both films were extremely problematic against Indigenous people and our culture. Full stop.

But, overall, the Icon is a better-than-advertised theater. With great deals on popcorn, drinks, and, especially, the movies, I give it a hackneyed “thumbs up."  

Now, if we only had some better movies to go with it!


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