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Dumb Oklahoma judge loves Facebook…

11:45 AM EDT on July 31, 2023

Just like with any other public service occupation, Oklahoma seems to lead the way when it comes to producing dumb judges. 

Whether they’re moonlighting as professional wrestlers, turning a jail into a debtor prison, or simply jeopardizing the guilty verdicts in hundreds of criminal cases do their prosecutorial philandering, there’s no shortage of moronic magistrates doing a disservice to Oklahoma and its people. 

We were reminded of this last week after Nolan Clay – a huge TLO fan –  broke the story that Lincoln County District Judge Traci Soderstrom was caught on surveillance footage texting, doom-scrolling Facebook and searching for the perfect GIF during a recent criminal trial. 

Here’s the footage:

The story eventually hit the national tabloid news circuit, once again making a mockery of the Oklahoma judicial system.

Here are some details via The NY Post:

An Oklahoma judge was caught on video consistently using her phone during the trial of a murdered 2-year-old, as his mother cried on the stand testifying against her boyfriend.

Oklahoma District 23 Judge Traci Soderstrom has been accused of scrolling through social media, texting, and even searching for a GIF during a trial last month, according to a courtroom surveillance video obtained by The Oklahoman.

Throughout the 50-minute-long video, Soderstrom holds her phone below the judge’s bench, texting or scrolling through Facebook, every once in a while jotting down notes while her phone remains lit on her lap.

At one point, Judith Danker, the woman testifying, reaches for a tissue to wipe her tears and blow her nose as the judge glances over at her and then back down to her phone to answer a text.

That’s embarrassing, but on a positive note, at least she wasn’t using a sex toy under her robe like the old Penis Pump Judge

Seriously, only in Oklahoma can a judge be caught room scrolling through Facebook during a trial, and the first thing that pops into your head is “Oh well, at least she wasn’t masturbating in court!” Every dumb judge in this state owes that guy Patricia’s gift card as a “Thank You” for making them look good. 

After being caught on camera doing what everyone else does at work all day, Soderstrom – who was recently elected to her seat by Potrwattamie County Voters – apologized for her dereliction of duty and vowed it would never happen again. 

Hehe. Just kidding. She actually just made sure to get rid of that pesky camera:

The ceiling security camera was moved Monday and is no longer directly over the judge's bench, apparently at her instruction.

That’s a relief. Now she can ignore her work as a judge and scroll social media in peace! 

Anyway, you have to wonder how long Judge Soderstrom has been doing this behind the bench, and what other apps she uses outside of Facebook. Maybe she can start doing live streams from the courtroom. That would be fun!

You also have to wonder if attorneys will now change their strategies when they have cases appear before her court. For example, maybe they’ll sprinkle some emojis into their briefs, or issue their objections as animated gifs.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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