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Tulsa County Judge lives double life as professional wrestling referee…


The guy pictured above is Tulsa County District Judge James Caputo. He's the judge who had to recuse himself from the Robert Bates trial and helps the Tulsa County Sheriff's department seize cash and guns from citizens who may or may not be guilty of any crime.

He's also a big professional wrestling fan. We first learned this in 2015 when he was named a guest referee for a bout in Tulsa.

Here comes the judge.

On Saturday night, Tulsa County District Judge James Caputo will be a special guest referee during a professional wrestling show at Expo Square Pavilion.

Why is a real-life judge climbing into a ring? He’s living the dream, sort of.

“I always wanted to be one of the wrestlers,” Caputo said.

“But I was six inches too short and 50 pounds too light to be able to compete with these monsters.”

It looks like the whole professional wrestling thing is working out well for Judge Caputo. We know this thanks to a series of Facebook videos promoting a recent bout at a tribal casino.

Check this out...

Although it resembles an amatuer gay porn film at first, that's kind of cool. The upbeat music in the background really sets the mood. Is that Olivia Newton John or Ariana Grande? I can't tell. Either way, it's about as raw as Jericho.

Here's another one...

I've never stepped foot inside a Royal Rumble, and I'm admittedly not an expert in wrestling trash talk, but maybe the next time Mr. Justice films a video he should go for the lighter weights. That way we'll be able to hear more than just heavy breathing and grunting.

Here's another video of Mr Justice simply working out, because you know, nothing gets you in the mood for professional wrestling entertainment than watching an old beefcake lift weights...

So, how many times was the kid in the orange shirt able to lift the bar? I wonder if Mr. Justice was nice enough to spot him?

Anyway, I'm honestly not too sure what to think about this.

On one hand, who cares. I think every little Hulkamaniac has dreamed about getting involved in professional wrestling. Whether you're a district judge or some guy who changes tires at whatever that place is that replaced Hibdon's, to be the man, you've gotta beat the man! Enjoy life and have some fun.

Then again, he is a judge. They have rules, laws and conduct to follow. For example:

A judge shall act at all times in a manner that promotes public confidence in the independence, integrity, and impartiality of the judiciary, and avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety.

Can a judge work as a professional wrestling referee and still promote public confidence in integrity? I'd rather them do that than work with a sheriff to steal people's property. That being said, do you really want the judge who leads a double life as a pro wrestling ref. That would be awkward:

"Objection, your honor. Leading the witness."

"Overruled... and that's the bottom line. Now snap into a Slim Jim!"

Seriously, that's a deal breaker for me. I'd ask for a different judge, or at least demand that Mr. Justice... err... Judge Caputo turn around for a second so I can hit the opposing attorney in the back with a chair.

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