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They found Matt!

1:52 PM EDT on July 25, 2023

Over the past couple of months, I – along with most metro motorists – have been bombarded with billboards around town that posed a simple question: “Have you seen Matt?”

When I first saw them, I literally didn’t know if Matt was a legit missing person or if it was all part of a new tacky outdoor campaign from Kalidy Kia Kia. When it comes to advertising, I wouldn’t put anything past those guys.

Only after the corresponding media coverage – and the realization that Kalidy Kia wouldn't point potential victims/customers to the police – did I realize Matt was a real-life missing person.

Fortunately, he's been found.

In a sad testament to the ineffectiveness of outdoor advertising, he was tracked down by a private investigator this past Saturday.

Via News 9:

A metro man reported missing two months ago has been found safe.

Pictures of Matthew Stanley were plastered across metro billboards in May after he disappeared from his family's Edmond home.

Private detective Jathan Hunt has been working with Stanley's family and on Saturday was able to confirm his whereabouts.

No other details are available.

In all seriousness, it’s good to know Matt is alive and (hopefully) safe. I felt like I got to know the guy as a drove around town this summer and was worried the campaign would end without us ever learning his fate, so it’s nice to get some closure.

Anyway, now that Matt’s ad campaign is coming to an end, I guess my old Clash of Clans leader Joey “Brooks Clinic” Morris will resume his title as the most visible face in the OKC billboard scene – a title he’s held since Ug bowed out of advertisements a few years ago.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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