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Ryan Walters bends knee to Joe Biden & Woke Teacher Unions…

He's accepted "Record Levels" in Federal Education Funding.

The woke mind virus has captured another victim!

In a shocking twist, Ryan Langston-Walters – the two-headed monster who’s been hell-bent on destroying Oklahoma public education from the inside – announced yesterday that he’s abandoned his conservative Oklahoma values and joined leftist Democrats, teacher unions and other liberal indoctrinators by accepting a “record haul” in federal education funding that, I assume, will be used to fund CRT curriculum, gender reassignment surgeries, and library porn, and further brainwash Oklahoma students into following a liberal Marxist left-wing ideology. 

Well, at least that’s what Ryan would say if someone else accepted the money.

Even though the state would have received the money regardless of who serves as State School Superintendent, Ryan issued a press release taking credit for Oklahoma being awarded $224,661,041 in Title I, Part A Federal Grant funding. 

In case you’re not up to date on your education grants, Title I, Part A is a federal program that provides financial assistance to schools and districts with high numbers of students from low-income families. The U.S. Department of Education – an agency Ryan wants to abolish – allocates the funds to state education agencies, which then distribute them to school districts based on the number of low-income students.

Here’s the press release:

Ryan Walters Secures Record Levels of Title I, Part A Grant Funding

Ryan Walters has secured $224,661,041 in Title I, Part A Grant Funding.* This is the largest amount in State history and will allow schools to provide a never-before-seen level of resources to Oklahoma schools. It is another record investment in education followed closely by the funding school districts received in the 2023 legislative session.

Statement from Ryan Walters:

“Oklahoma schools will be receiving record Title funding for the upcoming school year. My office has been working tirelessly to ensure that every school in the state has the funding needed to adequately educate our kids. I will continue to keep a watchful eye on every federal dollar to make sure that our schools are focused on foundational learning tools not indoctrination.”

Yep, Ryan has been “working tirelessly” to see that every school in the state has the funding needed to adequately educate our kids. You know what that means? Free Pac-Man Video Game cabinets for everyone! 

Seriously, outside of, oh, anyone, I can’t think of a better, more qualified person to be in charge of distributing $224,661,041 in federal funding to Oklahoma schools than Ryan Walters.

After his education grifter buddies skim their share from off the top, it will be interesting to see how he allocates the money, and if any of it is tied to schools being required to serve Swadley's and/or install massive Hobby Lobby cross walls in the cafeteria. 

For those that don’t have a strong propaganda radar, Ryan is publicizing the “record haul” that he had nothing to do with obtaining in an effort to silence his critics.

We know this because A) Ryan has taken a lot of flack from Republicans and Democrats alike for running off his agency grant writers, and abandoning agency efforts to secure federal program grants, and B) he told us. 

Seriously, can this guy get more pathetic? 

Once again, Ryan had nothing to do with this. It would be like a politician taking credit for record rainfall during a drought, which is something I’m surprised Kevin Stitt still hasn’t done.

Expect that press release at the end of the month:

Kevin Stitt Secures Record Levels of July Rainfall to End Oklahoma Drought Conditions

Some lawmakers have used Ryan’s pathetic braggadocious attempt to take credit for the state getting federal grant money to treat him seriously and ask some questions about the money and how it’s being allocated. 

Anyway, I guess we’ll continue to monitor this and look forward to seeing what other liberal, Joe Biden, teacher union-approved federal funding Ryan Langston-Walters eagerly accepts and tries to take credit for.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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