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Tulsa’s Channel 8 breaks out Black food stereotypes for Juneteenth Facebook post…

11:19 AM EDT on June 19, 2023

Before we get started with this week of thrilling Internet content, we’d like to wish everyone a happy Juneteenth!

Although Oklahoma still doesn’t recognize the holiday, I'm all for celebrating and honoring the day in this freedom-loving country when all of its people finally became free! 

On Friday, KTUL Channel 8 in Tulsa decided to get in the Juneteenth spirit, pull up the coolest Facebook watermelon background, and ask their viewers if they will celebrating the holiday...

For some reason – I’m going to assume it’s the festive watermelon background that pays tribute to one of our country’s most offensive and recognizable food stereotypes – the post quickly generated a lot of seed-spitting comments from people and was removed without explanation. 

In fact, they didn’t even repost the original message with a different background, which is probably a good thing, because I’d hate to see what other food they’d pick to replace the watermelons! 

Anyway, if you’re a federal employee or work in a city or county that recognized the holiday, we hope you enjoy the day off. Or, in the case of the person who posted the message above, probably multiple days off.

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