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Markwayne Mullin displays rare moment of honesty…

1:45 PM EDT on May 31, 2023

We have some breaking political news to share!

Earlier today, Marcuswayne Mullin – the misinformation-spreading, rhetoric-warping serial liar who right-wing Oklahomans overwhelming voted to represent them in the United States Senate in 2022 – displayed a rare moment of honesty during a Senate committee hearing. 

Granted, the moment of honesty was in the form of an inadvertent Freudian slip that accurately reflects his political philosophy and right-wing delusions, and led to laughing-at-you laughter from people in attendance, but it was honest nonetheless.  

It all happened earlier today during a hearing on child healthcare.

After tossing out the “Bernie Sanders is a socialist” line a few times, Marcuswayne started ranting and raving about a children’s educational book – Our Skin – that discusses the origins of racism.

He then posed panelists with a false dilemma – should students be taught Our Skin's assessment on the origins of racism – that it was a social construct of white European men – or something about Jesus loving everyone?

Then, while interrupting one of the panelists who was trying to answer the question, it happened. 

He said the words that every right-wing politician who lives in a warped alternative reality isn’t supposed to say out loud – "I don't want reality."

Check it out:

That’s great!

If we’re going to be represented by absolute morons in the US Senate, it’s only fair that we get to laugh at their abject stupidity every now and then. It makes things a little more tolerable. 

Anyway, although it’s sad that it took a stupid gaffe for Markwayne Mullin to be honest and, I guess, funny for once, I’ll take it. Who knows. Maybe this will start a trend and he’ll inadvertently admit he shit his pants on January 6th? 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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