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Ryan Walters emails “introduction” to Oklahoma Teachers…

9:26 AM EDT on May 19, 2023

Five months after he was sworn into office, and with summer break just around the corner, Oklahoma State School Superintendent Ryan Langston-Walters sent an “introduction” email, along with a video message, to all the indoctrinators, terrorists, and other Oklahoma educators who live and work all across the state. 

By his typical right-wing edge lord standards, the video was pretty tame. Ryan didn’t mention the words “woke,” “porn,” or even “Joe Biden.” Plus, instead of filming the video from his SUV, he closed the shutters and filmed it from his fancy office. 

Check this out:

Geeze, that kind of felt like watching a hostage video, but only if the hostage is on the whole kidnapping and ransom scheme. Towards the end, you could tell he was struggling to keep a straight face, and wanted to blurt out “woke Joe Biden library porn kitty litter bathroom trans”! 

Here’s the “introduction” email he sent along with the video. Once again, I’d like to point out he’s sending it five months after being sworn in as our state’s education chief:

Dear Teachers, 

I’m excited to formally introduce myself to you all as the State Superintendent of Public Instruction here in Oklahoma. It’s been a great first few months, and I’m looking forward to working with you all in the years ahead. Just to give a brief overview of my background, I began my teaching career at McAlester Public Schools where I taught history and coached basketball and tennis. In 2020, I joined Governor Stitt’s administration as the Secretary of Education, while continuing to teach at Millwood Public Schools, and in November of 2022 was elected to be the next State Superintendent, a position I was sworn into in January of this year.   

As someone who began their career as a teacher, I understand the life-changing effect you can have on children inside and outside of the classroom. Children spend a significant amount of their formative years in the classroom, and I want to make sure that our schools have the best resources and the best teachers our state can provide.  I want every teacher in the state to know that they are valued and supported, and in these first few months, I have already begun to take concrete steps to demonstrate my commitment to teachers through the Comprehensive Teacher Pay Reform Initiative.

First of all, I like how he's mansplaining the importance of teachers to, uhm, teachers. I’m sure they appreciate that. 

Also, I guess you can’t blame him for being a bit tardy with the introduction email. He’s been really busy over the past couple of months fighting manufactured culture war battles that don’t really matter and trying to get into CPAC.

I wonder if they taught "Wait five months to introduce yourself" in the Education for Dummies session?

Here’s more:

One of the aspects of this program I’m really excited about is our Teacher Empowerment Program. With this program, districts will be able to designate their top-performing teachers with advanced certifications that will automatically provide a pay raise to teachers of those designations.  I believe that you should feel that you can still advance in your career while remaining in the classroom, and this program goes a long way to ensuring that staying in the classroom remains a competitive option as you progress in your careers. 

Serious questions – To qualify for this program, will teachers have to attend a Patriotic American History Reeducation Camp? If not, I hope I didn’t just give Ryan an idea. 

Here’s more: 

Additionally, I’m happy to announce that the State Legislature recently passed across-the-board teacher pay raises. It’s been an important priority of mine that teachers are properly rewarded for the effort that they put in daily, and I hope this marks just the beginning of our attempt to demonstrate our commitment to all of you. Below are the specifics of the new teacher pay raises. 

$3,000 for 0-4 years of experience 

$4,000 for 5-9 years of experience 

$5,000 for 10-14 years of experience 

$6,000 for 15+ years of experience 

You can also access the SDE page for the Comprehensive Teacher Pay Reform Initiative here. 

Being a teacher is one of the most rewarding careers someone can do, and I cannot express my gratitude enough for the countless hours you put in and the love you show to our students. I look forward to hearing from you all as we work together to improve educational outcomes for Oklahoma’s students. 

Interesting! Ryan waited until Kevin Stitt and the Oklahoma Legislature passed teacher pay raises that don’t even keep up with inflation to send his little “introductory” email. I think the strange delay makes a little more sense now. 

Then again, if you were universally hated and reviled by the people you’re supposed to work for and represent, you’d probably wait as long as possible to introduce yourself, too. Hell, I’m kind of surprised he didn’t wait until Sunday night of Memorial Day weekend to send it out. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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