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TLO Restaurant Review: La Reina de los Tacos

10:39 AM EDT on May 2, 2023

One crimson diamond in the crème rough of Norman is a classic taqueria with a mini-mall taste – La Reina de los Tacos, 1119 E Constitution St. in Norman.

Located next to a very busy 7-Eleven, the place works in mysterious ways, working round the clock making sure it has enough tacos for all of Norman to consume.

During a recent visit, I decided to give the tacos – and some other classics – the old college try.

After admiring the pictures of noted folk hero Pancho Villa on the walls, and taking a sip of my Mexican Coke, I started with the ole' standby, the basic Nachos ($7.25).

On a plate of standard tortilla chips, we had two forms of cheese—nacho and a shredded mix—as well as refried beans and, because I am fancy, chopped steak.

I have to say, there was nothing basic about this paradise on a styrofoam plate! The entire dish provided a real D.I.Y. atmosphere, with the two kinds of cheese combining for a roguish take on dairy, while the beans and meats added a hearty sustenance to the whole formula.

Next on the list, I went with the Tacos Compechanos ($3.00/taco). A variation of the typical taco formula, I chose the “azada” and chorizo variations, with all the necessary accompaniments, including cilantro and onions.

When the mingling meat, along with the onions, cilantro, and the splatter of green hot sauce, hit my pernicious mouth, I was greeted with an explosion of true flavor! Tacos Compechanos, I beseech you for more of these majestic tacos!

But let’s all forget about that…I wanted a torta and you better believe I got a torta!

The legendary Mexican sandwich—probably my most favorite food, honestly—the Tortas ($7.50) were of the barbacoa variety, featuring a stuffed bolillo roll with the works, including lettuce, tomatoes, avocados, mayo, and queso fresco.

It was stupefying!

As the barbacoa settled in with the taste-defining mayonnaise, and the avocados did their thing, my mind was blown away by the genre-defining tastes. It was a great time with a great torta, giving me the wiles of how a sandwich should always be!

With my plates suitably finished with full satisfaction, next time I finally know that my absolute order will be here, with Pancho riding by my side triumphantly. Cómpralo ya!

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