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My Big Fat Greek Lunch: Having Chicken Shawarma at Gyro Express

In the middle of small-town Shawnee, past the endless antique boutiques, discount auto-parts dealers, and various vape shops that litter the road, I came upon a strange sight: a brightly food truck that read Gyro Express.

Near the AutoZone on Independence, I was amazed that an actual Greek food truck was near me, and to be fair, even more amazed that Shawnee had gyros at all.

But, as the acropolis-based edibles struck me down with savory spices and well-done meats, I was pleased to find the elusive Shawarma on its menu.

Gods be pleased!

When the window slid open for my order, I went with the Chicken Shawarma Wrap, with the usual tastes of gyros being far too passe, as well as the Baba Ganoush, also for a different taste of the Greek Isles.

As my food was being stoically prepared, I began to dwell on how rare it is to find Greek fare in rural Oklahoma. Sure, there are plenty of places in the metro, especially along the Mediterranean Mile on N. May, but rural spots are few and far between. Every time I come across Greek food, it’s always a treat for my wrecked tastebuds, with the tzatziki sauce waiting in the wings.

I started my meal with the Baba Ganoush ($7.99) and it was simply fantastic!

Maybe it was the smell of the food truck and its many spreads and sauces, but the Baba Ganoush is absolutely intoxicating. With only a few slices of pita bread, the tang of the tahini and lemon juice was very fine, and the slightly roasted eggplant created a very apropos zing of taste. A great dish to start off with.

Now, to be fair, I haven’t had actual Shawarma in a really long time, but this Chicken Shawarma Wrap ($9.99) was incredible. Featuring cuts of marinated chicken topped with lettuce, onions, and tomatoes, drenched in a sauce, and wrapped in a generous flatbread, it was the sport of kings!

Without warning, I dove head-first into the aromatic seasoning, with bite after sound bite of the most delicious meal on four wheels. With the chicken and garden fixings, it was a great alternative to a well-rounded gyro, creating a salad-like texture that is more than fabulous.

As I ruminated on the devoured Shawarma and its famous zeal, I stopped thinking and began eating again. As the meal began to fill me, I made a self-controlled checkmark that Gyro Express is one of the better food trucks in the state.


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