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TLO Restaurant Review: El Patron Tacos

¡Dios mío! These days, meals are getting very expensive!

At most places, a standard appetizer, two main dishes, and a dessert can cost fifty dollars-plus. Though the selections might be very good, I always end up with my firstborn in hock.

But that's usually not the case with most Mexican restaurants!

For example, last week, I stopped by El Patron Tacos, 322 West Macarthur Street in Shawnee.

Not only was the food more than great, but the bill was very affordable, leaving both my stomach and pocket full. In addition to the terrific food, I'd say the cost – or lack thereof – is one of the primary reasons Mexican restaurants are the best eateries in North America!

Even though it's tucked away in an unassuming strip mall, inside, El Patron is very inviting, filled with colorful tables and chairs surrounded by golden yellow walls. I admired these vibrant surroundings as I scanned the menu, wanting to order most of it while munching on chips and salsa.

I have to talk about these chips and salsa. Like most preambles, the toasty chips are lightly salted in the best way, but the salsa is beyond reproach; very flavorful and very wonderful, it was a treat to my tastebuds, all for no money down.

When it came time to place our orders, my guest had the Huevos Mexicanos ($8.49) – a breakfast plate composed of two gently scrambled eggs with assorted diced onions, tomatoes, and bell peppers, served with refried beans and beans.

When the dish hit the table, my olfactories were quickly seduced by the aromas of fresh onions and sweating bell peppers dancing with world-class eggs. They whipped out into a well-deserved desayuno for the whole table to reflect on. Stellar all the way around!

For my own party platter, I chose a round of Mexican Mole ($11.99) – a traditional mole sauce made with an assortment of dried and fresh chiles, nuts, herbs, fruits, and vegetables topped on slow-cooked chicken, complemented with a healthy serving of Mexican rice.

All I can say is “Bravo, El Patron! Bravo!”

With a little heat, the semi-sweet Mole is extra thick and extra saucy, the way it should be. The taste is beyond compare, simmering on top of the lean-ish chicken, creating a ferocious force that takes this taste to the next level and beyond.

But, you know, this is more than representative of the superb Mexican food in Oklahoma that many people need to be on the look for; this is the true ideal, with El Patron leading the pack.

Cómpralo ya!


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