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Carly Atchison to Oklahoma media: Don’t say “Don’t Say Gay”

12:05 PM EDT on March 23, 2023

For being a propaganda she-troll who loves to develop and use catchy, attention-grabbing, usually misleading slogans for things that support her preferred narrative in today’s culture wars, you’d think Stitt’s PR queen Carly Atchison would be tolerant and accepting when other groups, people and institutions do the same thing. 

Well, that is if you forget that hypocrisy is one of the core tenets of the right-wing conservative faith. 

Earlier this week, the Oklahoma House passed HB 2526, our state’s copycat version of Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

After it sails through the Senate and is signed into law by Governor Stitt, the law will prohibit classroom instruction “on sexual orientation or gender identity shall not occur in prekindergarten through grade five” in Oklahoma public schools. 

KFOR filed a report on the proposed law and referred to the legislation by its commonly known to the public name –  “Don’t Say Gay.”

Carly – who may be openly auditioning for a job on the Desantis campaign team – wasn’t having it. 

Yep, that’s right. 

The capitalism-loving lady who spends her afternoons and evenings spitting out false and misleading slogans – “Students Not Systems!” “Education Freedom!” “Oklahoma Top 10!” – in an effort to get likes, clicks, and reach a larger audience is criticizing a for-profit media outlet for using a pretty accurate and on-point name to try to reach more people. 

Although I applaud Carly for her commitment to her hypocritical faith, I’d be more impressed if her criticism and outrage were original...

Come on Carly! There are countless ways to criticize and lampoon local TV news! Quit stealing other people's propaganda and come up with something on your own! You’re looking like a blonde sheep eating grass in a Conservative flock!

For example, Carly could offer some better names for Oklahoma’s “Don’t Say Gay” law. Here are some options… 

• The Oklahoma LGBTQ Intolerance Act

• “Ignore Away The Gay” Act

• The Oklahoma Solutions for Non-Existent Problems Act

• The Oklahoma Sycophantic Pandering Act

• The “Kevin Stitt is hitching a ride on the Desantis Bandwagon and this is proof” Act

Once again, those are just some ideas. I can’t see what she comes up with!

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

Thanks for reading!

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