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Mayor David Holt likes Bradford Pear Trees…

From dodging accountability on important issues to chasing celebrities on social media to incessantly plugging his national TV appearances to working behind the scenes to ensure certain members of the OKC ruling class always get what they want, there are a lot of legitimate complaints you can rattle off about OKC's cool-cat Mayor David Holt. 

Or as we (and now Carol Hefner) affectionately call him – Mayor McSelfie.

But perhaps nothing about our city's social media-addicted mayor is worse than this – the dude likes Bradford Pear Trees!

You know, those pretty yet putrid allergy bombs that are literally the world’s worst tree!

Come on, Mayor McSelfie!

Bradford Pear Trees could look like Tyra Banks on the cover of the 1997 SI Swimsuit issue, but it doesn’t matter if they also smell like someone lit a rotten fish & cum scented candle in a Braum’s bathroom!

Seriously, what are you doing?

If you want to mine for social media likes by talking about Oklahoma City’s limited spring beauty window, be patient and wait a bit for the Red Buds to do their thing a couple of weeks later.

The Red Bud's pink blossoms are prettier than the Bradford Pear's allergy triggers. Plus, they don’t smell like someone merged the old OKC Zoo’s Pachyderm exhibit with the Super Cao fish market. 

Anyway, I guess I’ll wind down this rant about those stupid trees. I look forward to Mayor Holt’s upcoming tweet about how much he loves adjusting to the daylight savings time change.

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