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Bolsonaro visits Broken Arrow. Apparently meets with Governor Stitt.

He was invited to town by the Broken Arrow police.

We’d like to give a big friendly Oklahoma hello to former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro!

Yesterday afternoon, the right-wing strongman/aspiring dictator visited Broken Arrow – a suburb of Tulsa and the Capital of Derplahoma District 3 – to meet with the town’s deranged leadership and police department. 

Check this out:

That’s nice!

I hope during his visit he was able to get outside the radioactive wasteland of Broken Arrow and visit Tulsa’s various wonders, like the Philbook Museum, The Gathering Place, or Golden Driller. You have to admit, even Bolsonaro would probably think it’s cool to stand in the Center of the Universe – the ultimate echo chamber – and have his right-wing shouts to overthrow Brazilian democracy echoed back at him. 

I guess Bolsonaro visited Broken Arrow at the invitation of the local Fraternal Order of Police. They were happy to see him:

According to this Facebook comment by Broken Arrow mayor Debra Wimpee, a member of the Broken Arrow Police Department has a brother who works for Bolsonaro, and was able to pull some familial strings to get the diabolical former president with Derplahoman values to visit the town.

The mayor also claimed that Bolsanaro met with Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt:

Boy, what I wouldn’t give to have been a horse fly on the wall at that meeting.

I bet Ole’ Stitter and Bolsonaro spent hours yucking it up, talking about stolen elections, covid conspiracies, and all the best ways to stick it to the libs. I bet it was all enough to give Carly Atchison the vapors!

Well, that’s if they did meet. 

Kind of like his recent visit with Qataris, Stitt hasn’t publicized his meeting with the former President of one of the largest countries on the planet. Considering Stitt likes to send left-wing pro-democracy folks into a social media outrage so his right-wing anti-democracy supporters can know how cool and tough he is, that seems unusual. 

I would email Stitt’s She-Troll Carly to get more information, but as we learned last time, she’s a woman scorned and still won’t work with me. I may have to get a TLO Staffer to reach out instead. 

Anyway, I guess we’ll provide any updates if or when they arrive. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

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