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5 OKC Valentine’s Day Activities for People Who Hate Love

10:43 AM EST on February 13, 2023

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and for some of you, that thought fills you with warm fuzzy feelings. You might be looking forward to a romantic dinner with someone that makes your heart flutter, or maybe you’ve opted for a cozy night in for two.

If so, great news – this article is not for you!

This is dedicated to the terminally single, the brokenhearted, the odd one out who has to walk behind their couple-friends on the sidewalk. In short, the people who hate love.

Instead of spending Singles Awareness Day bolstering the stock of greeting card companies, here is a list of Valentine’s Day activities for people who hate love:

sport alley ball game
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Knock some (pin)heads together

Bring all your frustration at a made-up holiday designed to make single people feel terrible to Revolutions in Bricktown. You can chuck bowling balls down the alley and imagine your ex’s face on the pins as they’re wiped out (cheering is encouraged). If bowling isn’t your thing, play a game of billiards or have a seat on the heated patio and take in the beautiful view of the canal. If all else fails, just drink your sorrows away with $3 shots every Fireball Friday after 9pm.

Update the pictures on your dating profile

You catch more flies with honey than vinegar, and the sweetest photo ops are waiting for you at Factory Obscura. They’re keeping their doors open late on February 16th so you can experience the factory after dark. Come hear OKC-based DJ Kora Waves starting at 7:30pm. And bonus: since it’s just two days after V-Day, you don’t have to worry about dodging all the girls yelling at their boyfriends who can’t take an Instagram-worthy photo to save their life.


Now this one is only for the really hardcore Valen-haters. When I’m feeling sad and lonely, I crave carbs (there’s actual science behind this, I promise I’m not just a slob) and my favorite way to trick my brain into feeling better is by eating some good food. I recommend the fettuccine alfredo from Flip’s Wine Bar & Trattoria – and be sure to ask for garlic bread!

(Editor’s Note: Italian Nachos also work)

Hang out in a park (but not in a weird way)

Everyone wants to have a meet-cute in a park, right? Wrong. Some of us just want to soak up the sun and enjoy the great outdoors without worrying if the Valentine’s gift we got for our significant other sucks. The weather on February 14th is supposed to be moderately warm with a high of (seriously) 69, so put on your skates or grab a frisbee and enjoy one of the best parks OKC has to offer.

Pretend it’s just another day

Ahh, denial, my favorite coping mechanism. Get up and go to work, pretend you know what you’re doing and that you’re not actually scrolling on TikTok all day, and then come home and slip into your pjs. Maybe order some pizza from Hideaway, or All-American, or if you’re into gross pizza, Little Caesars. Whatever you decide to do after work, remember that tomorrow is gonna be better – because the 15th is the day all the Valentine’s Day candy goes on sale. Happy Discount Candy Day, my friends!

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