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Thanks for another OK year!

12:07 PM EST on December 31, 2022

Just like any other year, 2022 had its fair share of ups and downs. If you’re bored and want to relive all the magic this year, you can check out our month-by-month review of 2002 here. 

In the meantime, I’d like to wind down 2022 on a nice and kind note with a big round of thank-yous to all the people that make our thank-yous possible. 

People like…

Louis Fowler

2022 started off pretty bleak in the TLO world when Louis Fowler – our resident Critic at Large – suffered a severe life-threatening and altering stroke. Watching Louis bust his ass and transform himself, in just six months' time, from a human vegetable confined to a hospital bed to a fully-functioning adult with a slight stutter and a little limp is one of the most miraculous things I’ve witnessed. He’s a great writer and an even greater friend, and I can’t thank him enough for everything he brings to this site and the inspiration he provides.

TLO Readers

In 2022, approximately 1.5-million people visited this website. About half of these folks were passer-byes who were so impressed with what they read that they never returned, while the other half had either been here before or came back.

In total, these people spent a combined 2,500,000 minutes on TLO reading about 4-million pages of content. I probably wouldn’t be wasting my time on this site without these readers, so whether you visit daily or never again, I’d like to thank you for stopping by to see what we have to say.

TLO Subscribers

Although it’s cool to have readers, it’s even cooler to have ones who pay us!

In 2022, we had approximately 1,000 people chip in and support what we do through subscriptions or one-time donations. These kind souls get 24/7 access to all of our content, commenting privileges, and the joy of supporting a fledging local media outlet. They also help keep the lights on and provide me with enough financial motivation to wake up each day and do my TLO thing. If you want to become a subscriber, or simply make a one-time contribution, feel free. 

TLO Advertisers

Our readers aren’t the only ones that pay us! Although we don’t have an ad department aggressively selling ads, we still have a handful of local businesses that support TLO through advertising. If you need a sex toy, please visit Patricia’s. If you want to gamble, hit up Grand Casino and Resort. If you’re hurt in an accident, contact Cunningham and Mears. If you want to drink away the pain from an accident, go with Anthem or Wanderfolk. If you want to advertise with us, shoot us an email

Ogle Mole Network

Whether they’re tipping us off on political scandals or sex toy spills, we couldn’t deliver our patented blend of exclusive news content without the help of Ogle Mole Network.

From the highest halls of government to the deepest depths of Derplahoma, these nameless and faceless individuals live, work and breathe all around us, providing us with the juiciest juice about all-things Oklahoma. I’d like to thank all the Moles who reached out to us over the year with news tips, scoops, and gossip. If you want to be an Ogle Mole, hit us up on the tip line. Confidentiality guaranteed. 

Robot House Creative

Earlier this year, we split off our bar entertainment line into its own stand-alone brand and business – Hoot Industries – and unveiled a new logo and identity for The Lost Ogle.

Both of these brands were created by the ad genuises at Robot House Creative. I’d like to thank them, and especially my pal Brian “Don’t Call Me Winkler” Winkeler, for the incredible work that was too good for what we deserve. 

Stitt and Co.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt and his merry band of cronies, political hacks, and BBQ grifters, but I do give them credit for giving me a virtually unlimited supply of content! Cheers to that! I can’t wait to see what scams, schemes, and controversies they serve up on a platter in 2023. 

Anyway, that wraps up my year of thanks! I’m sure I’m forgetting someone, and if so, I’m sorry. I guess I’ll see you next year.  

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