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Psycho Oklahomans search for “Red Jello Stuffing”

Unless Lil’ Stitter is caught drunk in a parking lot with a semi-automatic bow and arrow shooting wild turkeys at a children’s hay ride, we’re going to take things easy over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. 

But before we pack up the bags and head to grandma’s house, I did want to issue a friendly reminder for all Oklahomans to grab the ingredients for “Red Jello Stuffing” when you make that last-second trip to the grocery store. 

Yep, according to some clickbait site called The Takeout, “Red Jello Stuffing” is Oklahoma’s most “uniquely” searched-stuffing recipe for 2022. I guess that makes Oklahoma a Top 10 State for sick psychos googling disgusting Thanksgiving recipes on the Internet at 3am.

Seriously, I’ve sadly lived in Oklahoma my entire life, and I’ve never seen or heard of “Red Jello Stuffing.” Neither had the folks at the Takeout so they did some research:

There are a few surprises. Oklahoma, for instance, introduced us to the concept of “red jello stuffing,” for which there must be a highly regional demand—it yields very few Google results, and most of the relevant links would suggest that Oklahomans might in fact be trying to search for a popular Thanksgiving dessert made of strawberry Jell-O and pretzels.

If someone not only brings strawberry jello pretzels to your Thanksgiving dinner, but also calls it Red Jello Stuffing, I think you should have the right to hit them in the head with a turkey leg and send them to the kid’s card table. 

Once again, have a Happy Thanksgiving. We’ll see you next week.

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