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Jim Inhofe gives farewell speech from Senate floor. Good riddance.

10:51 AM EST on November 18, 2022

With his days as a US Senator officially numbered, Jim Inhofe – the right-wing Oklahoma senator who was regularly featured in our long-running “Jim Inhofe is an Idiot” series – gave a laughable farewell address from the Senate floor this past Wednesday. 

In the 30-minute monologue, the global warming-denying snowball-throwing obstructionist laughable bragged about working across the aisle with Democrats, praised his mentor who was profiled in Netflix’s “The Family,” and discussed his travels around the world. 

You can watch the video below. If Jim Inhofe’s crypt keeper voice turns you off, you can read the full text on his Senate website:

When I watched the clip, I wanted to toot the trumpets and pop the champagne, but then I realized that in a month or so Marcuswayne Mullin is going to be our Senator. Talk about a buzzkill, huh? He’s so bad that even Jim Inhofe has problems with him!

On that note, I guess we’d like to wish a fond and happy retirement to Jim Inhofe. We’d also like to send a big F-U to Markayne Mullin.

Seriously, out of all the stupid and moronic things that silver-wrenched plumber has done over the years, perhaps the worst is completely ruin the joy we should be feeling that Jim Inhofe is finally being sent out to pasture.

This should be a joyous occasion for Oklahomas from Burns Flat to Mountain View and everywhere in between!

Instead, we’re all left with the realization that the wealthy right-wing idiot who has embarrassed his home state on the national stage for 28 years is being replaced by an even wealthier, more right-wing, and much much much larger idiot in Marcuswayne Mullin. 

Until that happens, I guess we’ll enjoy Jim Inhofe for the few more weeks we have him. I’d encourage him to say one more idiotic thing for us for old-time's sake. I’d want the final "Jim Inhofe is an Idiot" article to be a good one. 

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised. 

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