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Oklahoma High School teacher spoofs Ryan Walters SUV vlogs…

Back in October, a few days after we had our little Ryan Walters White Board Manifesto Message Contest, I had a fleeting thought to organize a Ryan Walters SUV Vlog Impersonation Competition.

Like most of my great ideas, it dissipated into the ADHD supervoid. Fortunately, thanks to the cosmic vibes of the universe, an Oklahoma public school teacher named Scott Bartley read my mind and filmed an attempt, which I guess makes him the winner of the contest we never launched.

It's not perfect, but I give him an A+ for the effort:

That's pretty good. If I was advising on the video, I would have suggested he add a few props like a MAGA hat or small dry-erase board with something like "Ban CRT from our Cites Skools!!" scribbled across it.

I also would have suggested he say the word "History" like a psycho:

One interesting thing about that video that's buried on Ryan's old YouTube account – outside of him saying the word history like an SNL Californian, and conflicting his own campaign platform by promising to teach students a comprehensive undertstanding of US history – is that I think he used the same video of him swinging his arms like he's giving a pep rally in his campaign ads.

Anyway, we'd like to thank Mr. Bartley for filming the video. If Ryan Walters wins, I think we know which teacher he's going to send to a patriotic reeducation camp first!

Also, even though the election is tomorrow, if you have any Ryan Walters SUV Vlog Impersonation Competition submissions you'd like to send our way, let us know.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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