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Governor Kevin Stitt cosplays as cop during school shooter drill…

Playing pretend is one of his favorite activities as governor...

4:01 AM EDT on October 3, 2022

On Friday afternoon, the Oklahoma Internet was just waiting around, minding its own business, when the Oklahoma Highway Patrol shared some "Is this real life?" photos of Governor Kevin Stitt participating in an active shooter drill at a local school.

The photos were posted just days after OHP shared pics of another ass  – a well-hung donkey.

Check out this virtual insanity:

Yep, nothing says "Secure Our Schools" more than a bunch of fully-armed cops – and a shady mortgage banker – running through school hallways like a paramilitary group, looking for a bad guy – and possibly a couple of woke teachers – to take down with a hail of gunfire. How can you not feel extra safe sending your kid to school after seeing photos like that?

Obviously, the first question after seeing those pics is – "Where was Ryan Walters?" I bet he was in the parking lot practicing holding down parents who wanted to run into the school to save their children.

The second question is – "Why?"

I think that's a tough one to answer. We all know Stitt likes to use the Governor's Office as his own personal "Make a Wish," and – considering he wants to dismantle and destroy public education in Oklahoma from the inside – running through a school hallway armed with a gun has probably been a dream of his for a long time.

That being said, how could anyone think it's a good idea to share these photos??? Even the macho right-wing tough guy crowd that Stitt routinely panders to has to think that's a pretty pathetic look, right?

Actually, probably not.

Not too long after the photos were shared on Facebook and Twitter, sarcastic cynics on social media pounced on them like a school resource officer eyeing a Daylight Donut. You know, people like us…

Most of the other observations were that Stitt was frantically searching for banned library books or rounding up transgendered students who were looking for a bathroom…

Others simply pointed out he wasn't following fundamental firearms safety practices…

For what it's worth, this isn't the first time Ole' Stitter has played a little game of dress-up make-believe. Ever since he put on his first dark-blue, state-issue puffer vest jacket with his name and title embroidered on the front, playing pretend has been one of his favorite things to do as Governor!

For example, who can forget the time he…

Pretended to be a Border Patrol Agent along the Rio Grande..

Pretended to be a Ph.D. at OU graduation…

Pretended to be a snow skier in New Mexico who fled his state during a public emergency that he declared…

Well, I guess he didn't pretend on that one.

Anyway, I guess share your thoughts / funny captions on the photos in the comments. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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