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Tommie Harris is apparently friends with Governor Stitt…

9:18 AM EDT on September 29, 2022

It looks like someone enjoyed a bit too much Rock N' Roll tequila this past weekend!

Former OU All-American lineman Tommie Harris – one of the greatest ever to don the crimson and creme – decided to play a game of "I'm Not Leaving" at the Omni Hotel bar on Sunday night in downtown Oklahoma City.

Probably because he can toss the average hotel security guard around like a North Carolina o-lineman, police were called to the scene and arrested an obviously hammered Tommie on trespassing charges.

As he was being led to the cop car, he told the cops he was playing golf with Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt the following morning, and that he was going to have the Governor fire them like they were the longtime chairman of a veterans commission. Here's the body cam footage:

Yikes! What is Tommie doing? Doesn't he know he's supposed to tell the cops that he's friends with Bob Stoops and Barry Switzer and then offer them some autographs? Did he not read the OU Football Alumni "Get Out Of Jail" Handbook? Like they really care that he's pals with Ole' Stitter.

Because of Tommie's claims, the news sleuths at KOCO actually reached out to Governor Stitt's office for comment:

The officer said Harris told him, "You don’t know who you are messing with. Governor Stitt will fire you. I’m playing golf with Governor Stitt in the morning."

KOCO 5 reached out to the governor’s director of communications, just curious if it was true, but have not yet heard back.

I think one of the primary reasons Stitt ran for Governor was so he could meet famous people, so I'm sure that really bummed him out. Hopefully, they were able to get Roy Williams or Teddy Lehman to fill in for the early Oak Tree tee time.

Anyway, Tommie Harris was one of my favorite players from the Bob Stoops glory days of the early aughts. I hope he gets some help and follows the Dusty Dvora-Sweat path to career resurrection and recovery.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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