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Friendly reminder to avoid strip mall massage parlors…

2:37 PM EDT on September 8, 2022

With the local news cycle dealing with a Labor Day weekend hangover, I figured we'd dust off my favorite Steve Shaw graphic and share a friendly public service announcement reminding all Lost Ogle readers and subscribers to please avoid strip mall massage parlors.

Although I guess some of them may be okay, it's just too hard to tell which place is a legit massage business, which place is basically a front for prostitution, and which place is a mix of both.

So, unless you...

A) Want to pay for sexual acts;

B) Are an undercover cop; or

C) Want to risk getting sexually assaulted by a creep;

You're just better off avoiding them in general.

I bring this up because, sadly, item "C" recently came into play after two women claim they were sexually assaulted by a male masseuse at China Healing Massage in Edmond, which is located around the corner from the legendary P-N-S Massage near 15th and S. Boulevard.

According to KFOR, the women claim that some creep inappropriately touched them and himself while giving massages over the past few weeks. The accusations are pretty sick and explicit, and go against what the store's manager – Tracy Lu – told Edmond Outlook in an old magazine write-up:

China Healing Massage hires only licensed, experienced and professional massage therapists with strong work ethics. “Our massage parlor is legitimate massage therapy, not a stereotypical Chinese massage parlor,” said Lu.

The claims of the two women paint a very different story.

One alleges she was inappropriately touched and groped by the masseuse, and that he even rubbed his clothed genitals on her hands. Another woman claims she heard a strange sound while receiving a massage and turned around to see the man with his hand down his pants.

KFOR went to the massage parlor to talk to the creep. Although he wasn't there, the guy showed extraordinarily poor judgment and talked to reporter Kaylee Olivas about the accusations on the phone through a translater...

The accused masseuse was not on site, but an employee called a translator who was with him.

Through the translator, the masseuse told KFOR he has not conducted massages since the incident with Alex last Thursday. But that is still a current co-owner of the parlor.

“In the process of doing the massage for that woman, he feeled an itch on one side of his leg, so he tried to scratch. What he’s doing is a misunderstanding,” the translator said the masseuse stated.

The translator added the masseuse is “not that kind of man,” that he is a hard worker and has a wife.

Yeah, that's right. It's just a big misunderstanding. This hard-working family man had "an itch." Plus, it's not like he's been accused of this more than four times...

However, the masseuse told KFOR through the translator this is not the first sexual allegation brought against him.

“So more than twice. Several times. Not more than four times,” the translator said.

The masseuse claims the two victims know each other and also told KFOR people come into his business looking for “problems,” trying to “make money from him.”

The translator said the masseuse feels sadness with the allegations that have been brought forward, that it has put pressure on him. She also said he has lost sleep over what has happened.

What in the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch is going on with this guy? More than twice, but not more than four? I'm not Mr. Owl, but something tells me this is at least the third time this guy has been accused of sexually assaulting someone while giving them a massage. I also wouldn't be surprised if there have been other incidents that haven't been reported. If he's not already in the process of fleeing the country, he should probably be going to jail.

Anyway, you can read more about this story over at KFOR. You can also read more about China Healing Massage in Edmond Outlook.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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