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HypocriteWayne Mullin decries student loan forgiveness…

As I'm sure you know, President Biden announced a plan yesterday that would clear $10,000 in student loan debt to those unfortunate enough to make less than $125,000 in annual income.

Just like with everything else the President does, the move was heavily criticized by those on the tribal numbskull right. That includes one of their greatest unintellectual minds – Markwayne Mullin.

Even though his family's company Mullin Plumbing – The Red Rooter! – eagerly accepted $988,700 in taxpayer-backed PPP loans that were eventually forgiven by the US government, the future Junior Senator from Oklahoma didn't approve of the President helping out some of our country's citizens who are over-burdened by student loan debt.

Yeah, we don't need farmers and ranchers, small business owners, and teachers in Oklahoma who may have student loan debt themselves paying the debts of Ivy League lawyers and doctors, who – mind you – likely don't qualify for the program. Those hard-working folks should be bailing out plumbers in Oklahoma instead!

Seriously, WTF?!

I know it's been well-documented that Markwayne Mullin – like most of his voters – is a partisan, lower-IQ, tribal obstructionist. Biden could announce tomorrow that the NIH has developed a simple cure for all cancers, and Markwayne would issue a statement criticizing the President for not doing it earlier.

But it does take a special pair of hypocritical brass balls to call out the President for clearing some government debt from ordinary Americans, all while the company you inherited from your Daddy had nearly a million bucks in taxpayer loans wiped clean.

Listen. I can see why some people who worked their asses off to pay back their student loans, or refinanced them for lower rates – basically, people who are not wealthy, entitled trust fund kids like Markwayne Mullin –could be a bit salty about the move.

We're all humans, and we're all inherently greedy and selfish. During the pandemic, I was responsible and applied for my self-employed PPP loans in a timely manner, which ended up costing me money in the long term. I was pretty damn salty about it at the time.

But, that's the way the world works. You win some and you lose some. Just like with volunteering, sometimes being responsible doesn't pay, and means you may miss out on a... uhm... free lunch that others may enjoy.

It sucks, but that's okay. Ultimately, it's probably a good thing that millions of Americans will have some debt taken off their backs, and be able to spend it in the economy where it benefits everyone.

Then again, that's just a logical, practical, and honest view of the situation. Something that a tribal hypocritical oaf like Markwayne Mullin can't understand.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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