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Stitt headlining fundraiser for Sean “The Domestic Abuser” Roberts…

1:58 PM EDT on August 8, 2022

About a month ago, we broke the story that notorious Oklahoma politician Sean "The Domestic Abuser" Roberts – a candidate for State Labor Commissioner – was accused of some pretty vile and awful things by his ex-wife in divorce documents that were filed under oath in Tennessee back in the early 2000s.

She claimed that Roberts punched her for downloading a song on the internet, made her sleep on the couch when she refused his sexual advances, stalked her whereabouts, engaged in some weird form of waterboarding, and many other terrible things.

A decade later, she filed and was granted an emergency order to modify their child custody arrangement over, amongst other things, Sean making his kids live in this attic:

We were the only media outlet to report the news, but the report and circulating divorce documents gained traction in the Oklahoma photosphere, leading the Oklahoma Bankers Association to cancel a fundraiser for Roberts.

Channel 25 reported on the event's cancellation, and noted that despite the abuse allegations, Stitt still supports him for Labor Commissioner:

The Oklahoma Bankers Association has canceled a campaign event for Labor Commissioner candidate Sean Roberts...

Right now, Roberts' still has support from Governor Kevin Stitt in the Labor Commissioner race, while Lt. Matt Pinnell has distanced himself from the candidate.

KOKH also shared a dodgy statement from Roberts's ex-wife – Jennifer. She didn't refute or directly address the abuse allegations, but noted the couple has grown to be friends, and even set next to Wynona Judd at a church in Nashville on an Easter Sunday:

Although the Oklahoma Bankers Association pulled its sponsorship of the fundraiser, our banned-from-doing-banking-in-Georgia governor is still supporting the embattled politician.

In fact, it looks like he's headlining a tamed-down fundraiser for Roberts that takes place later today at 5pm. Check out this Facebook post from Roberts' campaign ally Brian Hobbs. He's a writer for the Baptist Messenger.

Yep, even though it appears Roberts has a very dark and checkered past, Stitt's still supporting him. I guess we shouldn't be surprised. According to Fox 25 news vixen Wendy Suares, Stitt was furious the event was canceled:

If you didn't know anything about our Governor, you may find it odd that he hasn't pulled his support for a guy like Sean Roberts. Then again, that's only if you didn't know anything about Stitt!

Whether he's denying Covid, attacking tribal nations, or simply trying to sabotage public education, if there's a logical and reasonable approach to any issue, you can always expect Stitt to do the opposite.

I went to the website on the invitation to learn more about the fundraiser, but all I got was a donation page.

Yep, I guess to see in what attic the fundraiser's being held requires a donation. Hard pass.

Anyway, if you stumble across any pics of the fundraiser shoot us an email.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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