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5 Ways To Avoid Saying The N-Word On The OU Campus

Here we go again.

For what seems like the 500th time in recent history, there's another controversy on the OU Campus regarding the N-word.

This time around, it involves long-time OU football assistant coach Cale Gundy. The former star QB turned long-time assistant coach shocked the Sooner Nation when he resigned last night after admitting to saying a "shameful word" – which I think we can all safely assume is the N-word – during a film session with players.

Ignoring the reason for his resignation, this is shocking and...well...sad.

I'm a 44-year-old diehard Sooner fan and Cale Gundy is the first super recruit I really remember signing with the team. OU was in the early stages of its decade-long 90s slump, and he was supposed to be the guy that would turn it all around and bring championship glory back to the program. I clearly remember being at my grandparent's house watching his debut during the UCLA game, living in dying with every pass he threw. He even had Keith Jackson excited about "His first pass as a Sooner!"

By his senior year, Gundy was an embattled yet solid college QB who had led OU to some respectable seasons, but for reasons outside of his control (see: Gibbs, Gary), could never push them over the hump. It stinks that his legacy will be forever tarnished by a bone-headed gaffe in the later stages of his coaching career, but that's how the game is played nowadays.

Anyway, Coach Gundy's resignation has triggered another round of the ye old N-word culture war clash between the conservative "I'm not a racist, but" types and the liberal "I'm all for inclusion and acceptance, but" loyalists on social media.

While all of these people engage in their hamster wheel debates, I'm going to reshare my five tips on how to not say the N-word on the OU campus. It's a fair and practical guide that we dust off whenever there's an N-word controversy at OU, and something the university may want to include in their now voluntary diversity training curriculum.

1. Don't Say The N-Word

Even if you're a college coach reading aloud what's on a player's iPad, just don't say the word. It's that easy. Use another word in its spot, go with the mainstream media-approved "N-word," or say something like "Aaaaaand we're skipping that shameful word."

Sure, you may be tempted to give a trigger warning, or try to make an Orwellian-style argument that banning words is bad, or even attempt to explain that the context and intent behind your use of the word should matter more than the actual use of the word, but those are all fruitless endeavors, especially on college campuses.

Yes, there may be some nuanced grains of truth to your arguments, but it doesn't matter – the court of social justice has ruled that it's not an acceptable word for any white person to say out loud under any circumstance. It's a very easy rule to follow. Otherwise, prepare to suffer the consequences.

2. Don't Say The N-Word

Really, just don't say it.

Even if you're a history teacher reading a historical document –  or an old out-of-touch journalism professor trying to compare snarky generational ageist insults to racial slurs– just don't do it. Using the N-word will not only make you look even older and even more out of touch, but it will also make you look more like a racist.

3. Don't Say The N-Word

No lie, just don't say it. Even if you're on a bus with some of your racist frat douches and they're all singing tunes about how you can hang a black man from a tree but not let him join your fraternity, just don't do it. Herd mentality is not a valid excuse to say racist words! In fact, be brave and stand up to their racism. Although it may get you shunned and assaulted by your peers, that would actually be commendable and cool!

4. Don't Say The N-Word

I like a bunch of rap and hip-hop artists. If you're rapping along to some of their lyrics, and the N-word comes along (even if it ends in an "a"), just skip it or put a word in its place. For example:

"Alls my life I has to fight... fella!"

Also, if you're one of those people who gets mad and claims it's a double standard that Blacks can use the N-word, but white people can't, I have a question for you – what are you doing here?! How did you find this place? Go back to OANN's website, Mike!

5. Don't Say The N-Word

Seriously, just don't say it. Instead, try to be a good person and just remove the word from your vernacular. Even if you're a contrarian, try to understand why it's not a word to say or use. Yes, the word will still exist, and you'll still probably hear it from time to time, especially at a family reunion in rural Oklahoma, but don't say it. You'd think that would be an easy rule to follow, but it's apparently not.

Anyway, that concludes our list on how to avoid using the n-word on the OU campus. If you have any other suggestions, leave a comment.

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