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Report: Markwayne Mullin is a tiny little man

I failed you, Moles.

Last week, I recapped the derp-off Senate debate between Markwayne Mullen and T-Dubya Shannon. You can read it here.

In my haste to hit the publish button, I missed an important detail that we should have noticed – Markwayne is a tiny little man!

Geeze, I had no clue that Markwayne was so... small?

Like, I knew his brain and intellect were microscopic, but I had no clue he needed to use a booster stool when appearing on TV! It makes you wonder why he even had to crouch to the ground on January 6th:

Should we really be making fun of people for things that can't control like their height? Probably not. Then again. Markwayne Mullin is a tool who thinks rules don't apply to him, so I guess it's okay.

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