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Oklahoma County Sheriff needs help finding video we shared last week…

Last week, we wrote about a viral video clip that showed some dude being leveled by a ref at The Score OKC – the Thunderdome of local recreational sports complexes.

Not too long after I hit the publish button, an Ogle Mole sent us the full version of the video that provided more context to the situation. I then shared it on Twitter where it went semi-viral amongst the sports brah echo chamber.

Here it is in case you missed it:

As you can see, it looks like a coach walked onto the court to confront a ref who was probably making $20 to officiate the game. The coach then possibly head-butted the ref, the ref responded with a punch, and then a little ruckus broke out. During this ruckus, the other ref – who should also be a bouncer – decked another guy who was either trying to break up or escalate the fight.

After I saw the video, I contacted Edmond Police to see if there was a police report or body cam footage from the incident. They very politely told me that even though The Score has an Edmond address, it's in OKC's jurisdiction.

I then hit up our old pal Sgt. Knight with the OKCPD Public Information Department. He replied with this:

At first, I thought it was strange that the police call was canceled, but then again, if you were knocked out by a ref at a middle school AAU game, would you want to get the police involved?

Well, I guess the answer is "possibly."

Nearly two weeks after the fight broke out, the gumshoes at the Oklahoma County Sheriff's office are now on the case. They're looking for video of the incident:

Hey, I'm not a tattletale who submits videos to the cops, but if the sheriff wants to join the 200,000 or so other people who watched the video above, feel free!

Anyway, I guess we'll now have to follow and monitor this situation to see if any other clips of the fight emerge, preferable from a cool angle that shows the bouncer ref unwinding with all his might. If you have that clip, send it our way so we can share it so the cops can find it.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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