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Happy 4th of July, Oklahoma…

8:54 AM EDT on July 4, 2022

Although it doesn't feel like there's a lot to celebrate in our country right now, we'd like to wish all of our readers, clickers and secret admirers a happy 4th July holiday.

We can only hope you had as much fun celebrating our many limited rights and freedoms as our lake bro governor – Mr. Kevin Stitt.

He hit up one of our state's many green-brown water lakes this weekend and showed off his wake surfing moves...

I wonder which lake that is? I'm going to guess Grand. Then again, knowing Ole' Stitter like we do, there's a decent chance he declared a state of emergency and jetted off to Lake Tahoe for the weekend!

Anyway, as I mentioned on Friday, we're taking off this week and will be re-sharing some of our best content from 2022 throughout the week. We hope you have a nice week and hopefully get to take some time off from work, too.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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