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KFOR scores exclusive footage of non-mountain lion roaming through Moore…

Here we go again!

Six months after Brent Skarky's Pulitzer-worthy report on a non-mountain lion sighting near Harrah, KFOR has obtained exclusive footage of a cat that's not a mountain lion roaming next to a pond in Moore.

The footage of the ferocious feline was obtained on home security cams by Moore resident Ray Robinson. Here's a pic:

Pretty terrifying, huh? Maybe the beast heard through the grapevine that Moore was the home of the lions and wanted to see a distant cousin!

According to Ray Robinson – an early riser who checks his security cam footage first thing in the morning– the cat in the pic is definitely a mountain lion because he's been to Alaska and never seen a bobcat that big. For the news sleuths at KFOR, that's all the confirmation they need:

“The first thing I thought, ‘Oh, it’s a bobcat.’ I played it back, and I said, ‘Wait a minute, that’s not a bobcat because it has that long tail historically hidden with some stripes,'” said Robison. “If you notice in the video that the hips are high, the shoulders are low, and it walks like a cat.”...

“I have never seen a bobcat here. Alaska, Canada, or anywhere else that even comes close to being as big as that cat is,” said Robison. “If somebody tells me that they’ve seen one, I wouldn’t have believed it unless I had seen it on camera. And now we have that on camera.”

Let's be honest – the cat in the footage looks big! Unfortunately for Ray and KFOR, it's probably not a mountain lion.

After KFOR rushed to the scene for the exclusive story, Ray called back with some bad news. He did their job for them and contacted the Oklahoma Wildlife Department and...

Robison told KFOR the Oklahoma Wildlife Department called him shortly after our interview early Monday morning.

He said the official told him the cat’s underbelly doesn’t match the color of his fur.

That's a shame. Like everyone in Oklahoma and the KFOR news offices, I really wanted it to be a mountain lion, but I'm going to trust the Wildlife Department on this. As we learned with the Bear E. Switzer saga, if it really was a mountain lion, they'd be there in full force armed with guns, spears, and bows and arrows, ready to take home a prized trophy!

In other news, isn't it dumb that KFOR keeps doing this? I get it – nobody wants the truth to get in the way of a fun story – but they're starting to turn into the news station that cried "Cougar!" That being said, at least it gave us this thrilling tweet exchange with JoJo and Mike...

As Ogle Madness XI champion Marla Morgan proves, Mike is the resident cougar expert at KFOR. Maybe they should send him out to cover these stories? Before you know it, they'll start putting a little state map in the corner of the screen highlighting the counties where there's a cougar sighting, whether it's real or not.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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