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News 9 airs hour-long chum-a-thon with Kevin Stitt…

I'm not a big fan of propaganda, so I rolled my eyes a bit yesterday when I saw my News 9 homeboy Storme Jones – a former Inhofe Senate staffer – promoting an hour-long chum-a-thon with Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt:

As we've pointed out a few hundred times on this website over the years, News 9 is owned by House Griffin of local syrup, jelly, and condiment fame.

For over half a century, they've had no problem using their media and publishing might to advance the priorities and narratives of the local ruling class, even going so far as to propose their own bad fixes for our state's problems, and making up new facts for Kevin Stitt while fact-checking him.

As a result, I made a point not to watch Stitt chum it up with news anchors, and dodge questions with very rehearsed, focus group-driven responses. But then this happened and... well... a couldn't not watch:

Really? You're going to let the Governor goof off with the weathergirl on live TV? Come on, News 9! That's absurd, unprofessional, and a disgrace to journalism. What's next? Live coverage of Stitt and Deano running the triple option in a field outside the studio.

"Whatever Patrick. You're just jealous that Stitt got to play pretend weatherman with Cassie Heiter, you sad, liberal bastard."  

Okay, so maybe am I, but if they're going to let Stitt get away with that, they should let every political candidate do the same thing. Then again, that would create its own problem, because people would then start running for public office just on the off chance they could help Cassie do the weather! See the problems you've created, News 9?!

Anyway, if you're in the mood for propaganda, I guess you can watch all of Stitt's interviews over at News 9's website.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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