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Genetically-Altered County Clerk Creeper is resigning…

9:48 AM EDT on June 17, 2022

I don't ask for a lot in this world, but can we pass a law that requires all Oklahoma elected officials to have video of themselves playing "Taps" ready and available on the Internet?

You know, just in case they resign from public office in disgrace and we want something that's both ironic and symbolic to share...

In case you missed it, Oklahoma County Clerk Creeper David Hooten – the genetically-altered trumpet player who wanted to get his employees drunk, scared, and bruised as part of a twisted team-building exercise – announced he's resigning today.

The resignation comes just days before Oklahoma County Commissioners were set to remove Hooten from office amid more documented allegations of sexual harrassment and claims that he had county employees working on his State Treasurer campaign.

One of those commissioners – Carrie Blumert – shared her own bizarre experiences with Hooten to the Non Doccers:

Blumert said the awkward encounters with Hooten followed a pattern.

“Inappropriate text messages, calling me at inappropriate times, giving me gifts, being very upset after meetings if I would ask questions during meetings about his items. He would get very offended and very upset and then he would bring me a gift after,” she told NonDoc. “It was very weird.”

Blumert let NonDoc review a text message and two written notes sent to her by Hooten. At 4:42 a.m. on Sept. 8, 2021, Hooten texted her a photo with both of them in it and wrote, “We look so young! LOL.”

Blumert told NonDoc the incidents went on for several years until she confronted Hooten in late 2021.

“I finally stood up to him and asked him to stop, and I listed off the things he had done that made me uncomfortable, and I said please stop and he stopped,” Blumert said.

It sucks that Carrie had to put up with that crap, and it's badass that she stood up for herself, but I want to know more about these gifts? Like, what does a narcissistic, genetically-altered, weirdo trumpet player give to someone? I'm going to assume it's an autographed copy of his masterwork – Trumpets Of Glory:

You can buy it today on Amazon for only $3.99!

Although Hooten is resigning as County Clerk, he's still on the upcoming GOP primary ballot for State Treasurer. Considering these recent controversies include allegations of sexual harassment, misuse of county resources, and threats of bodily harm to government employees, I bet he'll win in a landslide.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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