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Ryan Walters goes on the attack!

Heeeeee's baaack!

Yesterday afternoon, Kevin Stitt's Bro'cetery of Education – Ryan Walters – found himself alone in his car in an abandoned parking lot and couldn't resist the urge to whip out his phone and rub out another social media video rant.

This time around, he went after those "radical left-wing Democrats" who called for him to resign after it was discovered he authorized parents to use pandemic education funding on leisurely school "supplies" like new TVs, power tools, barbecue equipment, Pac Man video game cabinets, and other useless junk that everyone bought during the pandemic when the federal government was giving away money.

Check this out:

Man, I know Walters is a dunce who has no business being in charge of Oklahoma public education in, but give the man credit – he is a strong and thorough understanding of all the valid reasons people have for hating him! Seriously, he may be clueless and aloof, but at least he has some self-awareness.

Then again, maybe he doesn't. He also claimed in the video that he will "always be a champion of accountability and transparency with taxpayer dollars." That’s a bold claim to make after you just oversaw a program where you allowed parents to use education funding to buy whatever they wanted, and then dodged the media when they wanted to talk about it.

Records show ClassWallet gave Walters the opportunity to limit what parents could buy.

“We’re getting a few questions about eligible items,” a ClassWallet employee wrote to Walters in an email the day the program went live, prior to Walters being named Secretary of Education. “It’s my understanding that all purchases through any of our vendors (are) allowed …  is there a blanket approval for items so long as they are purchased with the vendors on our platform?”

“Blanket approval with vendors on your platform,” Walters responded.

In addition to leaving videos that pander to his right-wing anti-public education buddies, Ryan is also showcasing his writing skills. He sent this letter to Oklahoma textbooks companies reminding them about Oklahoma's ban on the manufactured boogie man wedge issue of the day – Critical Race Theory:

I wonder how many textbook companies are going to reach out to Walters to ask "Remind me – How did you get this job again?"

To save them time, the answer is he was appointed by Governor Stitt.

Anyway, I guess we'll wrap this article up and eagerly wait for Walter's next unhinged video where he gives even more valid reasons for people who arent' right-wing ultra-MAGA tools to hate him.

Also, for what it's worth, I kind of like this new unhinged Ryan Walters better than the boring one. For years he was a right-wing wolf hiding in sheep's wool, prancing around in skinny ties and overly photoshopped headshots, trying to sabotage Oklahoma public education from the inside. Now he's revealed his true colors, and has no problem huffing and puffing outside Oklahoma's public education system door, trying to blow it all down. With the help of Stitt and Co. and moronic Oklahoma voters, he may just be successful.

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