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Ryan Walters claims he’s not intimidated by media while hiding from media…

As we mentioned earlier this week, Stitt's Proud Bro'cetery of Education – Ryan Walters – took more grifter heat after various media outlets reported that he oversaw a program that allowed parents to use taxpayer education funding to buy things like TVs, power tools, smartwatches, BBQ grills, and vintage Pac-Man video game cabinets.

After a couple of days of silence on the issue, Walters finally released a statement about the controversy on social media.

Like a true Stitt cronie, he failed to take any accountability or responsibility for the misuse of taxpayer dollars that he personally authorized, and instead tried to shift the blame on pesky boogie men like "liberal teacher unions" and those who defend "government-controlled education systems."

He also tried to portray himself as a victim of media abuse and claimed he will not be intimidated by the media he's avoiding like an old speeding ticket...

That's sweet. I like how he firmly, as opposed to softly, stands behind the Governor's decision to hold ClassWallet accountable for letting parents buy whatever they want with money that was set aside for educational supplies and resources. It makes me wonder – does he also want the Governor to hold accountable the people who authorized ClassWallet to let people buy whatever they want with money set aside for education?

Records show ClassWallet gave Walters the opportunity to limit what parents could buy.

“We’re getting a few questions about eligible items,” a ClassWallet employee wrote to Walters in an email the day the program went live, prior to Walters being named Secretary of Education. “It’s my understanding that all purchases through any of our vendors (are) allowed …  is there a blanket approval for items so long as they are purchased with the vendors on our platform?”

“Blanket approval with vendors on your platform,” Walters responded.

I also like how Walters goes after those who want to "defend a government-controlled education system" all while running for the public office that oversees a government-controlled education system. Give this man some credit. He's one hell of a hypocrite!

Seriously, I know I'm not a right-wing government grifter who wants to sabotage public education from the inside and funnel taxpayer dollars towards leaches and cronies in the private sector, but if he hates government-controlled education so much, why doesn't he just work for a private school?

In the final paragraph of his statement, Walters goes after the media who "harassed" his family at home. He also claimed not to be intimidated by their tantrums.

So, who is the unethical media troll who's bothering the Walters clan? Meet the oh-so-frightening and intimidating Ashley Moss:

Yep, that cute and adorable package of bubbly charm is who Ryan Walters is hiding under the bed from. I bet he's terrified of puppies, cotton candy, and rainbows, too.

For what it's worth, Ashley took full responsibility for "harassing" Walters.

Unlike Secretary Walters, it's good to know that at least some people still take notes!

Anyway, we're still waiting for Walters to leave a video response to the scandal while sitting in a parked car in the Home Depot parking lot waiting to pick up his vintage Pac-Man video game cabinet. When he does, we'll be sure to file another report.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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