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Lightning Strikes Oklahoma Toilet

5:41 AM EDT on May 5, 2022

After a quick little tune-up last week, Oklahoma Severe Weather Season kicked into full twisted gear last night after a series of psychotic multi-vortex haunters wreaked havoc on the central part of the state.

From all accounts, there were no deaths or serious injuries, but Downtown Seminole and the surrounding area, including some marijuana farms, suffered typical EF1-style tornado damage, including broken windows, stripped roofs, and tossed mobile homes.

The storm even spawned an EF4 Weather Dong on News 9's radar:

While those storms ravaged central Oklahoma, the northeastern part of the state also saw some severe weather.

Although I don't believe there were any reported twisters, a wayward bolt of lightning zipped through a bathroom vent and destroyed a toilet at the Oxford Apartments in Okmulgee.

Check this out:

That's incredible!

According to the Holy Severe Weather Scrolls on display at the National Weather Service in Norman, Gary England was actually conceived when a wayward lightning bolt struck the outhouse his mother was using during the Great Valentine's Tornado Outbreak of 1939. Will this strike – which occurred on May the 4th – spawn any new mystic weather deities? Now that Gary's taken a turn to Dark Weather Arts, perhaps this is Mother Nature's way of balancing out the Severe Weather Force?

I guess only time will tell, but I went ahead and wrote the following song lyrics to both honor and commemorate the occasion:

The lightning crashes,
a new toilet cries.
Her porcelain falls to the floor.
The stormchaser opens her eyes,
The cumulonimbus sets in
before Marla Morgan can even close the door.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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