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Sean “The Schlub” Roberts nickname request denied…

It was a bad week for people who want to nickname themselves The Patriot!

In an update to a post from last week, the Oklahoma State Election Board recently ruled that Sean "The Schlub" Roberts can't use the nickname he gave himself – "The Patriot" – on the Oklahoma Labor Commissioner ballot.

The board took many things into consideration during a special hearing over the matter, including Sean The Schlub's apparent confusion on how to spell "Patriot."

Via Non Doc:

Social media account banners, a plaque from the Oklahoma 2nd Amendment Association and a birthday card were admitted as evidence during a nearly two-hour hearing over whether Sean “The Patriot” Roberts was an appropriate moniker for his 2022 commissioner of labor candidacy. After hearing from witnesses that included Rep. Chris Kannady, Rep. Garry Mize and U.S. Senate candidate Jackson Lahmeyer, the Oklahoma State Election Board voted 3-0 to strike “The Patriot” from Roberts’ declaration of candidacy.

Doubts about whether anyone actually calls Roberts “The Patriot” were underscored earlier in the morning when Roberts himself seemed to stumble through the spelling of “patriot” as he entered his appearance before the board. Kannady (R-OKC) referenced the spelling snafu when he testified before the board.

“When asked to spell ‘patriot’, Rep. Roberts had issues with spelling. Probably because he’s not used to spelling it out or writing it out as part of his legal name,” Kannady said.

Seriously, the guy's so dumb he doesn't even know how to spell "Patriot." Granted, I'm a PC West grad and we literally had a secondary fight song called "PAT" that spelled out the entire word, but that seems like an easy word to spell. In fact, I'd bet anyone with a fifth-grade reading level could write or spell it, which I guess explains why Sean "The Schlub" Roberts couldn't. Maybe before seeking a higher office, he should order some Hooked on Phonics.

Anyway, we wish Sean The Shlub the best of luck in getting his ass kicked in the Labor Commissioner race. When he files for public office in the future, we'd encourage The Schlub to use his new TLO-approved nickname that most people will know him by.

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