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Ogle Madness XIV: Elite 8 (West and Midwest Region)

We're down to the final two matchups of the Ogle Madness Elite 8!

The West Regional Final final features a battle between Oklahoma's favorite animal children, while in the Midwest our defending champion tries to hold off the double-digit seed Del Rancho and deep-fry their Cinderella dreams!

West Regional Final: (2) Mountain Lions vs. (12) Norman Bear
Midwest Regional Final: (1) Breea Clark vs. (11) Del Rancho

Voting is open for 48 hours. Cast your votes in the other Elite 8 bracket by clicking here.


West Regional Final:(2) Mountain Lions vs. (12) Norman Bear

(2) Mountain Lions

Last Round: Defeated (3) Carrie Underwood 61% (279) to 39% (181)

If you’re a local media outlet looking for page views, write something about a Mountian Lion sighting. There’s nothing Oklahoma news clickers love more than looking at photos of these apex predators, or even other cats pretending to be them. Here are some tips on what to do if you encounter one.


(12) Norman Bear

Last Round: Defeated (1) Joleen Chaney 57% (264) to 43% (196)

Rest in peace, king. 



West Regional Final: (10) Milk Bottle Building vs (12) Scissortail Park

(1) Breea Clark

Last Round: Defeated (5) Milk Bottle Building 59% (398) to 41% (277)

The mayor of Norman and reigning Ogle Madness XIII champion. Before becoming the youngest female mayor in Norman’s history, she was the director of the JCPenney Leadership Program at OU. Take that, Kohl’s leaders!


(11) Del Rancho

Last Round: Defeated (2) Lacey Swope 56% (350) to 44% (272)

Home to sandwiches that cannot be contained by a bun and proud partner of Oklahoma’s #4 ranked obesity rate. Home of “The Original Steak Sandwich Supreme,” it’s still an excellent spot to take any visitors from out of town for an authentic Oklahoma dining experience.



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