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Sylvester Stallone formulates words that are nice about Oklahoma…

10:11 AM EDT on March 25, 2022

Ever since the Oklahoma Ruling Class determined it was okay for wealthy people to receive taxpayer subsidies to film movies and TV productions here, we're seeing more and more celebrities spending time in Oklahoma, and doing things like making friends at McNellie's, hanging out at fancy museums, and enjoying cold scoops of ice cream.

One celeb who's set to spend some extra time in the Sooner state is Sylvester Stallone. As we mentioned last month, he's set to star in a mafioso streaming series that's apparently filmed and set in Oklahoma called "The Tulsa King."

Anyway, I guess they're about to start filming, so the old Rocky, Rambo and Judge Dredd star landed in Tulsa yesterday via private jet to get to work.

Here's an Instagram video he filmed from the airport. In the short clip, he referred to Oklahoma as the "Paris of the Southwest" and then mentioned that if he reincarnates as a horse, there's a decent chance he could end up here, before, I assume, being slaughtered.

It's pretty cool stuff!

That's awesome! Kudos to Mr. Stallone for saying nice things about Oklahoma, and also spitting out all those words without using a script. If it wasn't obvious before, it's very obvious now that he did a lot of his own stunts in Rocky.

Although it's neat to get some nice words from a Hollywood legend – How long before the film and tourism office launches a line of "Oklahoma! The Paris of The Southwest" t-shirts? – it does bring back the old "What part of the country is Oklahoma" debate. Southwest? Midwest?? Southeast??? The Heartland???? I think the answer will never be officially settled. Oklahoma's unique in that we're in the square middle of the country, but also incorporate the worst traits and characteristics of so many other regions.

Either way, I guess that's a different post for a different day. For now, I'd like to welcome Sly to Oklahoma and I hope he enjoys his time in the Paris of the Southwest. Chow.

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