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Stitt gets salty over “not cool” photo…

Well, I guess we found a new way to get under Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt's skin!

Back on March 10th, as C.A.I.R. celebrated Muslim Day at the Oklahoma Capitol, Stitt was approached by local progressive activist Adriana Laws on the second-floor rotunda for a quick photo. She's the founder of something called the "Collegiate Freedom and Justice Coalition" and was one of the individuals charged by David Prater for "unlawfully holding a firearm" during the 2020 protest movements.

I guess Stitt agreed to the pic and then this happened...

For those who are unaware, Adriana is holding up the black power hand gesture. Although it doesn't and shouldn't bother most people, it apparently sent Kevin Stitt into a little hissy fit.

I guess after the pic was taken, Adriana went and stood by a group of people that included lawmaker Forrest Bennett. A few seconds later, Stitt walked over to the group to confront her.

Here are the pics:

I can't 100% vouch for what Oklahoma Progress Now tweeted – obviously, someone flashing a black power symbol while getting a pic taken with a politician who reminds you of the bad Senator from Watchmen is trying to ruffle some feathers – but it seems to line up with what one Ogle Mole who witnessed the scene told me.

Here's a paraphrased dispatch:

"After the pic, Stitt walked over and chastised Adriana for making 'a hand gesture he didn’t know about.' He told her 'it wasn’t cool what you did.'

Forrest, who was clueless about the photo, then interrupted and distracted Stitt and ask if he’d talk about that bill that would make the Bible the official state book of Oklahoma. Stitt began to walk away, but then turned around and addressed Forrest with a raised voice. I couldn't catch what Stitt said, but Forrest responded by saying 'Governor, I haven't even had my coffee yet.' Stitt turned around and left."

Although I would personally have no problem with someone flashing the black power hand gesture during a photo opp, you can't blame Stitt for being so salty about the situation. Maintaining Oklahoma's white supremacy complex while denying it even exists is one of the hallmarks of his administration! Plus, Stitt wants conservative racist voters to think he's a tough guy who won't back down to black activists. He doesn't want one silly photo to ruin all of that for him!

Anyway, now that we know Stitt gets easily triggered by raised fists in the air, I think we need to lunch a new TLO Photo Contest. To enter, simply send us a pic of either...

A) You holding your fist in the air while standing next to Stitt, or

B) You being yelled at by Stitt because you happened to be standing next to someone who held their fist in the air while being photographed with Stitt.

The deadline for all entries are June 30th, 2022. The winning pic will win a $50 gift card to Swadley's Foggy Bottom Kitchen.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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