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Former Oklahoma “Beauty Queen” is on Survivor

Remember that show Survivor that people watched back in the early to mid-aughts?

Well, apparently it's still on-air, providing familiar, formulaic, and incredibly trite TV entertainment for people who aren't aware of streaming platforms, books, movies, or basically any other form of entertainment that's not Survivor.

I know about Survivor still being a thing because News 9 flashed a headline the other day that read "Former Oklahoma Beauty Queen To Appear On New Season of 'Survivor.' As a longtime follower of the Oklahoma beauty queen scene, it got my attention.

I guess the former beauty queen's name is Tori Meehan. Here's her Survivor promo pic:


Tori is a former Miss Tulsa State Fair, Miss Keystone Lake, and Miss Tulsa, but apparently didn't have the goods to be named Miss Oklahoma. Here she is answering a question about the NCAA paying athletes at the 2019 Miss Oklahoma Pageant:

Honestly, outside of admitting she goes to Oral Roberts, that wasn't that bad of a response. It's definitely competent enough for a reality show like Survivor.

Here's another video of Tori in 2018 happily prancing around in a swimsuit in front of an audience as a panel of judges ranks her physique, posture and other features:

Here she is wearing an evening gown and playing a flute...

First of all, it was a curious choice for Tori to cover the Warp Whistle theme from Mario 3.

Second, as a former oboist, I'm going to avoid any tasteless jokes about the flute. I made that mistake once in the 8th grade and the first chair flutist hit me so hard in the knee with her instrument that I still walk with a slight limp.

Like most pageant and reality show wannabes, Tori obviously loves to be seen and be the focus of attention. Here's a video of her giving a Ted Talk in Tulsa:

She was also on some realty show called Sequester. I guess it's an online Big Brother ripoff.

Although Tori comes off as nice and wholesome and professional, I have uncovered a couple of controversies.

1. Her father is the famed right-wing quack Oklahoma ophthalmologist Dr. Jim Meehan. He's an anti-masker, ant-vaxxer and anti-reality resident...

2. Although she's from Oklahoma, competed in Oklahoma pageants, and even admittedly went to Oral Roberts, it looks like Tori is cheating on us with Arkansas. Then again, it could just be an open relationship.

Yep, the Arkansas media is trying to claim this Oklahoma girl as their own, and this Oklahoma girl seems to be going along with it. That's scandalous. I'm okay with Oklahoman's two-timing on their state with Texas or even Colorado, but you can't be an Oklahoman and an Arkansasian. Our states are just too closely related. I know that's not a big deal in Arkansas, but it is here.

Anyway, we wish Tori the best of luck on this reality show that I last watched over a decade ago when that cool Russell asshole was causing chaos and doing his thing. We hope she wins, does more media stuff and, hopefully, gives us more shameless clickbait content to cover down the road.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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