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Abby Broyles shared a suicidal tweet…

2:10 PM EST on March 3, 2022

The fall of Abby Broyles has taken another turn.

Yesterday afternoon, just eight days after she announced a break from social media to focus on her mental health, Abby typed the following letters into her iPhone and hit the Tweet button:

Naturally, the tweet elicited a strong and sudden reaction from the local Twitterati.

Although some asshole trolls, bots, and right-wing edge lords made light of the situation and accused her of doing it only for attention, most people seemed to take it as a serious threat and cry for help, and justifiably worried about Abby's life and well-being.

After an hour or so of people nervously waiting and wondering if Abby is okay, and the police being called for a welfare check, former Repubocrat State Rep Jason Dunnington filed the following update:

It was quickly followed by this tweet from someone named Broyles.

After those tweets, Abby's suicidal tweet was deleted. There have been no other statements.

Anyway, as most of our readers know, I'm an asshole that likes to make fun of dumb politicians and celebrities who do some of the stupid things. That being said, suicide isn't a laughing matter and it's not something we joke about. I join everyone else in hoping Abby gets some serious treatment and gets her mental health in order.

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