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Abby Broyles heckled comedian and caused a drunken scene at non-profit benefit…

It looks like tween slumber parties aren't the only places where Abby Broyles likes to get snarky drunk mean girl.

Thanks to the Ogle Mole Network, we've confirmed that Abby caused a drunken scene and heckled a comedian at the Angels Foster Family Network "Storyteller Gala" on Monday, February 7th at the Jones Assembly.

We first caught wind of the news last week as the Broyles controversy began to swirl:

I guess Non Doc has been too busy counting their pageviews from the past week, because they never filed a proper follow-up.

That being said, I've since heard from numerous Ogle Moles who attended the gala "that celebrates the continued impact of loving foster parents on the children of this community" and got more info. Based on what they're saying, the tween slumber party wasn't the only time the congressional candidate made an ass out of herself in February.

Although I'm not hearing anything about her verbally or physically accosting the employees, they claim that an obviously drunk Abby was loud and disruptive as Instagram-famous comedian Trey Kennedy performed his act.

In fact, things apparently got so bad that the comedian had to tell her to "shut up," generating applause from the crowd.

Here's how one Ogle Mole described it:

I reached out to another Ogle Mole who was at the event – we'll call him "Riblet" – and they said the dust-up made it hard to enjoy the show:

I'm not sure who "Cassie" is, but they could be referring to Cassity Giess – the sleeping pill-holding Deer Creek lawyer mom who threw the tween slumber party that Abby crashed. According to this site, she did apparently buy a ticket to the Storyteller Gala, but I have no clue if she was the person playing lushy Statler to Abby's drunken Waldorf.

Just like with Abby's drunken roast of a bunch of tweens, we haven't yet landed any photos or videos from the event. If you have any, please send them our way and we'll share them.

Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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