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Emily Sutton also liked the Super Bowl Halftime show…

If you're an Oklahoma lawmaker looking to score some grandstanding brownie points with voters and the national media, have I got an idea for you – propose that the Monday following the Super Bowl be a state holiday for rest and recovery!

Sure, we may not have an NFL team in Oklahoma, but we love sports, drugs, and rich, high-fat, processed foods that are terrible for you, so all of our state's workers – especially those who are forced to provide digestible Internet content the day after – would thank you greatly.

Although it was sloppy and disjointed, and at times felt more like a Thursday Night Football game than the Super Bowl, the spectacle ended up being an all-timer thanks to...

A) A close finish featuring last-minute beyond-human heroics from Cooper Kupp and Aaron Donald.

B) "The greatest Super Bowl Halftime show of all time!" signed every Gen Xer and Millennial.

Seriously, wasn't that something? Maybe it's because I know when and where I was the first time I saw the marijuana leaf on the Chronic CD, remember dialing that weird Music Box Channel 22 to order Snoop's "Who I Am (What's My Name)," and still have the lyrics to "My Name Is" memorized 23 years after it was in heavy rotation on MTV, it felt like the show was curated especially for me, and apparently every other person in America who was born between the years 1975 to 1990.

That demographic apparently includes KFOR Severe Weather Princess Emily Sutton. She took a break from knitting a rainbow sunshine quilt for puppies at an animal shelter to tweet some of her thoughts. In the name of using a marketable local celebrity to get us web hits, here they are:

Okay, I didn't tell you they were particularly engaging or enthralling tweets, but I still got you to click and scroll through! Not bad for hammering out content on what should be a national holiday!

Although Emily and I enjoyed the nostalgic Super Bowl halftime show on equal levels, we had a different take on commercials.

As a former Chuck E. Cheese employee, my least favorite non-crypto ad was the dystopian Facebook spot that felt like a rejected Black Mirror script about an animatronic creature that lives in a virtual world after getting Facebook VR glasses placed over his eyes.

Emily liked it...

Sorry. I can't get behind anything Meta does, even if it brings back memories of the summer of 1994 when I, a 16-year-old putz, would put on a giant mouse costume and dance for kids' birthdays. That being said, if Emily really loves old robot animals, I give her this video that combines both mid-aughts music and animatronic nostalgia:

Anyway, I guess I should wrap this article up and go pop a couple more Tylenol. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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